Munich-Air Airports

ICAO Airport Name Airport Country
00A Total Rf Heliport US
00AA Aero B Ranch Airport US
00AK Lowell Field US
00AL Epps Airpark US
00AR Newport Hospital & Clinic Heliport US
00AS Fulton Airport US
00AZ Cordes Airport US
00CA Goldstone /Gts/ Airport US
00CL Williams Ag Airport US
00CN Kitchen Creek Helibase Heliport US
00CO Cass Field US
00FA Grass Patch Airport US
00FD Ringhaver Heliport US
00FL River Oak Airport US
00GA Lt World Airport US
00GE Caffrey Heliport US
00HI Kaupulehu Heliport US
00ID Delta Shores Airport US
00IG Goltl Airport US
00II Bailey Generation Station Heliport US
00IL Hammer Airport US
00IN St Mary Medical Center Heliport US
00IS Hayenga's Cant Find Farms Airport US
00KS Hayden Farm Airport US
00KY Robbins Roost Airport US
00LA Shell Chemical East Site Heliport US
00LL Ac & R Components Heliport US
00LS Lejeune Airport US
00MD Slater Field US
00MI Dow Chemical Heliport US
00MN Battle Lake Municipal Airport US
00MO Cooper Flying Service Airport US
00MT Sands Ranch Airport US
00N Bucks Airport US
00NC North Raleigh Airport US
00NJ Colgate-Piscataway Heliport US
00NK Cliche Cove Seaplane Base US
00NY Weiss Airfield US
00OH Exit 3 Airport US
00OI Miami Valley Hospital Heliport US
00OR Steel Systems Heliport US
00PA R J D Heliport US
00PN Ferrell Field US
00PS Thomas Field US
00S Mc Kenzie Bridge State Airport US
00SC Flying O Airport US
00TA Sw Region Faa Heliport US
00TE Tcjc-Northeast Campus Heliport US
00TN Ragsdale Road Airport US
00TS Alpine Range Airport US
00TX San Jacinto Methodist Hospital Heliport US
00UT Clear Creek Ranch Airport US
00VA Vaughan Airport US
00VI Groundhog Mountain Airport US
00W Lower Granite State Airport US
00WA Howell Airport US
00WI Northern Lite Airport US
00WN Hawks Run Airport US
00WV Lazy J. Aerodrome US
00WY Mountain View Regional Hospital Heliport US
00XS L P Askew Farms Airport US
01A Purkeypile Airport US
01AK Providence Seward Medical Center Heliport US
01AL Ware Island Airport US
01AR Community Hospital of De Queen Heliport US
01AZ Yat Heliport US
01C Grant Airport US
01CA Lugo Substation Heliport US
01CL Swansboro Country Airport US
01CN Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Heliport US
01CO St Vincent General Hospital Heliport US
01CT Berlin Fairgrounds Heliport US
01FA Rybolt Ranch Airport US
01FD Florida Hospital-Altamonte Heliport US
01FL Cedar Knoll Flying Ranch Airport US
01GA Medical Center Heliport US
01GE The Farm Airport US
01IA Stender Airport US
01ID Lava Hot Springs Airport US
01II Myers Field US
01IL Hoopeston Community Memorial Hospital Heliport US
01IN Community Hospital Heliport US
01IS William E. Koenig Airport US
01J Hilliard Airpark US
01K Caldwell Municipal Airport US
01KS Flying N Ranch Airport US
01KY Lourdes Hospital Heliport US
01LA Barham Airport US
01LL Schumaier Restricted Landing Area US
01LS Country Breeze Airport US
01MA Compaq Andover Heliport US
01MD Annapolis Seaplane Base US
01ME Saint Peter's Seaplane Base US
01MI Flow Through Terminal Heliport US
01MN Barnes Seaplane Base US
01MO Highway Patrol Troop C Headquarters Heliport US
01MT Crystal Lakes Resort Airport US
01NC Topsail Airpark US
01NE Detour Airport US
01NH Moore Airfield US
01NJ Albert Guido Memorial Heliport US
01NM Champion Ranch Airport US
01NV Lantana Ranch Airport US
01NY Vassar Hospital Heliport US
01OI Galion Community Hospital Heliport US
01OK Lawrence Airport US
01OR Red & White Flying Service Airport US
01PA Pine Heliport US
01PN Bierly(Personal Use) Airport US
01PS Nort's Resort Airport US
01SC York Airport US
01TA Thirty Thirty Matlock Office Center Heliport US
01TE Smith Field US
01TN Colonial Air Park US
01TS St Joseph Hospital Heliport US
01TX Mims Farm Ultralightport US
01U Duckwater Airport US
01UT La Sal Junction Airport US
01VA Pickles Airport US
01WA Willapa Harbor Heliport US
01WI Prehn Cranberry Company Airport US
01WN Whidbey General Hospital Heliport US
01WT Odyssey Heliport US
01WY Keyhole Airport US
01XA Seton Medical Center Hays Heliport US
01XS Meadowood Ranch Heliport US
02AK Rustic Wilderness Airport US
02AL Bass Field US
02AR Three Rivers Airport US
02AZ Winchester Farm Airstrip US
02CA Swepi Beta Platform Ellen Heliport US
02CD Shannon Field US
02CL Conover Air Lodge Airport US
02CO Mc Cullough Airport US
02CT Strangers Point Heliport US
02FA Osborn Airfield US
02FL Cuchens Airport US
02GA Doug Bolton Field US
02GE Etowah Fields Airport US
02HI K3 Helipad Heliport US
02IA Boone County Hospital Heliport US
02ID Morgan Ranch Airport US
02II King Ultralightport US
02IN Diamond P. Field US
02IS Condell Medical Center Heliport US
02KS Jmj Landing Airport US
02KY Boone National Guard Heliport US
02LA La State Police Troop G Heliport US
02LS Windy Hill Heliport US
02MA Cuttyhunk Heliport US
02MD Garner Field US
02ME Old Acton Airfield US
02MI Fairplains Airpark US
02MN Greenbush Municipal Airport US
02MO Troy Airpark US
02MS Watts Field US
02MT Barrett Field US
02MU Timber Line Airpark US
02NC Race City Heliport US
02NE Benes Service Airport US
02NH Iroquois Landing Seaplane Base US
02NJ Penske Heliport US
02NV Paiute Meadows Airport US
02NY Hansen Heliport US
02OH Zimmerman Airport US
02OI Murtha Airport US
02OK Canon Heliport US
02OR Rowena Dell Airport US
02P Stottle Memorial Heliport US
02PA Lag Iii Heliport US
02PN Peco Berwyn Heliport US
02PR Cuylers Airport PR
02PS Hughes Ultralightport US
02SC Harpers Airport US
02T Wise River Airport US
02TA Matagorda Shore Facility Heliport US
02TE Baylor Medical Center Heliport US
02TN Ellis Field US
02TS Fwomc Heliport US
02TX The Palms At Kitty Hawk Airport US
02UT Lucin Airport US
02VA The Greenhouse Airport US
02VG Northstar Aviation Heliport US
02WA Cawleys South Prairie Airport US
02WI Beer Airport US
02WN Fowler Field US
02XS Seidel Ranch Airport US
03AK Joe Clouds Seaplane Base US
03AL Highland Medical Center Heliport US
03AR Hscmh Heliport US
03AZ Thompson International Aviation Airport US
03CA Grossmont Hospital Heliport US
03CO Kugel-Strong Airport US
03FA Lake Persimmon Airstrip US
03FD Tharpe Airport US
03FL Ranger Heliport US
03GA HIA Airport US
03I Clarks Dream Strip US
03IA East Field US
03ID Flying Y Ranch Airport US
03II Davis Field Ultralightport US
03IL Wix Airport US
03IN Heinzman Airport US
03IS OSF St Anthony's Health Center Heliport US
03KS Valley Grain Heliport US
03KY Flying H Farms Airport US
03LA Damien Heliport US
03LS Fmc Nr 1 Heliport US
03M Lakeside Marina Seaplane Base US
03MA Hadley Airport US
03MD Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Heliport US
03ME Maple Ridge Airport US
03MI Harold Miller Heliport US
03MN Nauerth Land Ranch Airport US
03MO Cahoochie Airport US
03MS Vicksburg Medical Center Heliport US
03MT Cascade Airport US
03MU Mc Donnell Airport US
03N Utirik Airport MH
03NC Pilots Ridge Airport US
03ND Olafson Brothers Airport US
03NE Hyde Ranch Airport US
03NH Lorden Heliport US
03NJ At&T Heliport US
03NV Llama Ranch Airport US
03NY Talmage Field US
03OH Gibbs Field US
03OI Marymount Hospital Heliport US
03OK Sahoma Lake Airport US
03OR Powwatka Ridge Airport US
03PA Collegeville Heliport US
03PN M.P. Metals Heliport US
03PR Sun View Field Airport US
03PS Ziggy's Field US
03S Sandy River Airport US
03SC Seacoast Medical Center Heliport US
03TA Gay Hill Farm Airport US
03TE Barronena Ranch Airport US
03TN Eagles Landing Heliport US
03TS Shannon Medical Center Heliport US
03TX M D K Field US
03UT A Z Minerals Corporation Airport US
03VA Whipoorwill Springs Airport US
03WA Spangle Field US
03WI Zink Airport US
03WN Aerostone Ranch Airport US
03XS Creekside Airport US
04AL Anniston AHP (Anniston Army Depot) US
04AR Saline Memorial Hospital Heliport US
04AZ Chinle Airport US
04CA Gray Butte Field US
04CL Hunt's Sky Ranch Airport US
04CT Shingle Mill Heliport US
04F De Leon Municipal Airport US
04FA Richards Field US
04FD Tampa General Hospital Brandon Healthplex Heliport US
04FL Cross Creek Farms Airport US
04I Columbus Southwest Airport US
04IA Middlekoop Airport US
04ID Lanham Field US
04II Turkey Run Airport US
04IL Schertz Aerial Service - Hudson Airport US
04IN Lake Gage Seaplane Base US
04IS Van Gorder Airport US
04KS Robinson Industries Heliport US
04KY Natchez Trace Farm Airport US
04LA St James Heliport US
04LL Brunner Airport US
04LS La National Guard Heliport US
04MA Goddard Field (Airport) US
04MD Chesapeake City Heliport US
04ME Beech Hill Airport US
04MI Rapids Airway Airport US
04MN Helblad Airport US
04MO Airpark Private Airport US
04MS Nick's Flying Service Inc Airport US
04MT Pluhar Airport US
04NC Western Wake Medical Center Heliport US
04NE Mc Connell Field Airport US
04NJ Emmanuel Airport US
04NV Kingston Ranch Airport US
04NY Klaverack Airport US
04OG Teufel Heliport US
04OH Bossow Airport US
04OK Stillwater Medical Center Heliport US
04OR Collins Landing Strip US
04PA S & C Distribution Center Heliport US
04PN Strawbridge & Clothier Exton Heliport US
04SC Emergency Helipad US
04TA Capitol National Bank Building Heliport US
04TE Veterans Affairs Medical Center Heliport US
04TN Hensley Airpark US
04TS Hummingbird Heliport US
04TX Pocock Airport US
04UT Navajo Mountain Airport US
04V Saguache Municipal Airport US
04VA Russell County Medical Center Heliport US
04VG Manquin Flight Park Ultralightport US
04VT Lightning Bolt Field Airport US
04W Field of Dreams Airport US
04WA Ox Meadows Airport US
04WI Dutch Gap Airstrip US
04WN Stillwater Creek Airport US
04WV West Virginia Univ. Hosp. Inc. Gnd. Pad #2 Heliport US
04XS Napiers Heliport US
05AK Wasilla Creek Airpark US
05AL Allen Stagefield Army Heliport US
05AR Ozark Skies Airpark US
05AZ Yuma Regional Medical Center Heliport US
05B Van Buren Seaplane Base US
05CA Lost Hills Sheriff's Station Heliport US
05CL Pope Valley Airport US
05CO Rancho De Aereo Airport US
05CT O And G Heliport US
05FA Melanie's Airport US
05FD Aventura Heliport US
05FL Charlton Strip US
05GA Raju Airport US
05IA Spotts Field US
05ID Running Creek Ranch Airport US
05II Reichhart Airport US
05IL Classic Landings Airport US
05IN Cooper Airport US
05IS Hardy Airport US
05KS Darbro Field US
05KY Cartersville Airport US
05LA Greg's Flying Service Airport US
05LL Midwest Heliport US
05LS Grass Roots Airport US
05M Pauls Valley General Hospital Heliport US
05MA Bentley Heliport US
05MD Breezecroft Airport US
05ME Drisko Airport US
05MN Northern Pines Medical Center Heliport US
05MO Portageville Community Heliport US
05MS Va Medical Center Jackson Heliport US
05NC Brunswick Community Hospital Heliport US
05NE Mc Kay Airport US
05NH Stumpfield Heliport US
05NJ Paulus Hook Pier Heliport US
05NV Baker Ranches Airport US
05NY Oswego County At Pulaski Heliport US
05OI Dorlon Airpark US
05OK Hawk Haven Airport US
05OR Peacock Ranch Airport US
05PA Philadelphia Market Street Heliport US
05PN State Police Area Iii Heliport US
05PS Mills Brothers Airport US
05S Vernonia Airfield US
05TA Brandes Air Field US
05TE Hilde-Griff Field US
05TN Thurmond Glenn Field US
05TS Dew Drop Airport US
05TX Circle 'A' Ranch Airport US
05UT Oljato Airport US
05V Blanca Airport US
05VA Providence Airport US
05VT Port of Highgate Springs Heliport US
05WA Sacred Heart Medical Center Helistop US
05WI Ames Private Airport US
05WN Flat Creek Field US
05XS Johnson Memorial Airport US
05Y Henning Municipal Airport US
06AK June Lake Airpark US
06AL Brown Stagefield Army Heliport US
06AR Bondair Airport US
06AZ Mercy Gilbert Medical Center Heliport US
06B Lucky Landing Marina and Seaplane Base US
06CA Sce Solar I Heliport US
06CL Abc7-Tv Heliport US
06CO Jecan Airport US
06FA William P Gwinn Airport US
06FD Grass Roots Airpark US
06FL Morton Plant Hospital Heliport US
06GA Smith Heliport US
06I Patoka Reservoir Landing Area Seaplane Base US
06IA Rich Field US
06ID Larkin Airport US
06IL Humm Airport US
06IN Ellis Fly-In Airport US
06IS Sinele Strip US
06KS Riverside Hospital Airlift Heliport US
06KY Falcon Heliport US
06LA Panther Helicopters Inc Heliport US
06LL Hammersmith Heliport US
06LS Tembec Heliport US
06MA The Barn Heliport US
06MD Bayview Heliport US
06ME Barker Heliport US
06MI W A Foote Memorial Hospital Heliport US
06MN Pike Field Airport US
06MO Noahs Ark Airport US
06MT Torgerson Airport US
06N Randall Airport US
06NC Tailwinds Airport US
06ND Fitterer's Strip US
06NE St Marys Hospital Heliport US
06NH Cole Farm Airport US
06NJ Chemical Bank - New Jersey Na Heliport US
06NV Silver Creek Airport US
06NY Murphy Field US
06O1 Saint Elizabeth Medical Center Heliport US
06OH Hal Joy Airfield US
06OI Green Acres Airport US
06OK Albert Lodge Heliport US
06OR Hayden Mountain Airport US
06PA Freefall Oz Airport US
06PN Schiavoni Heliport US
06PS Cherokee Island Castle Heliport US
06R Grawunder Field US
06SN Beyer Farm Airport US
06TA Glaser Field US
06TE Ainsworth Airport US
06TN Hunter STOLport US
06TS Roscoe Mc Connico Airport US
06TX Diamond N Ranch Airport US
06VA Mount Horeb Field US
06WA N A Degerstrom Yard Heliport US
06WI Young Private Airport US
06WN Western Airpark US
06XS Campbell Field US
06Y Herman Municipal Airport US
07AA Pan Lake Strip Airport US
07AL Tac X Stagefield Army Heliport US
07AR Morrilton Airport US
07AZ John C Lincoln Hospital Heliport US
07B Blue Hill Airport US
07CA West Side Hospital Heliport US
07CL Richvale Airport US
07CO Comanche Creek Airport US
07CT Tnt Heliport US
07D Tackaberry Airport US
07FA Ocean Reef Club Airport US
07FD Flying G Ranch STOLport US
07FL Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center Heliport US
07GA Alcovy Airport US
07I Lake Monroe Seaplane Base US
07ID Interstate Airport US
07II St Vincent Jennings Hospital Heliport US
07IN Gray Airport US
07K Central City Municipal - Larry Reineke Field US
07KS Heape Field US
07KY Blue Lick Airport US
07LA Air Oil Inc Nr 1 Heliport US
07LS LA State Police Troop F Heliport US
07MA West Pond Heliport US
07MD Baugher's Orchard Airport US
07ME Westbrook Heliport US
07MI Scott Airstrip US
07MN Dairyview Airport US
07MO Lake Sexton Airport US
07MT Glasgow Industrial Airport US
07N Bermudian Valley Airpark US
07NC Hawks Meadow Airport US
07NH Diving Rock Seaplane Base US
07NJ Hackensack UMC Palisades Heliport US
07NV Border Line Farm Airport US
07NY Mmc Heliport US
07OH Tennessee Gas Heliport US
07OK Pleasant Valley Airport US
07OR Bruce's Airport US
07PN Folmar Airport US
07SN Churchill Airport US
07TA Salaika Aviation Airport US
07TE Cuddihy Field US
07TN Corntassel Airport US
07TS Cross-Country Estates Airport US
07TX Pecks Heliport US
07UT ATK/Thiokol Airport US
07VA Alpha Hotel Airport US
07VT Meadow STOLport US
07WA Deaconess Medical Center Heliport US
07WI Bartell Strip US
07XS Allen Ponderosa Heliport US
07Y Hill City-Quadna Mountain Airport US
08AK Fisher Airport US
08AR Crittenden Regional Hospital Heliport US
08AZ Mesa Police Heliport US
08B Merrymeeting Field US
08CA Pg & E Co. Placerville Svc Center Heliport US
08CL Kistler Ranch Airport US
08CN Tulare Motor Sports #1 Heliport US
08CO Terra Firma Airport US
08CT Seavair's Landing Seaplane Base US
08F City of Coalgate Airport US
08FA Duda Airstrip US
08FD Sunniland Ranch Airport US
08FL J. H. Hendrie Farms Airport US
08G Salt Fork Lodge Heliport US
08GA Sapelo Island Airport US
08ID Symms Airport US
08II Parkview Lagrange Hospital Heliport US
08IL Harms Airstrip US
08IN Winona Lake Seaplane Base US
08IS Hemmer RLA Restricted Landing Area US
08KS Alderson Airport US
08KY Boss Airport US
08LA Air Oil Inc Nr 2 Heliport US
08LL Sauer Airport US
08LS Aeleron Airport US
08MA Wormid Airport US
08MD St Joseph Hospital Heliport US
08ME Lindbergh Airport US
08MI Sparrow Hospital Heliport US
08MN Christenson Point Seaplane Base US
08MO Twin Oaks Airport US
08MS Williams Field US
08MT Clark Airport US
08N Keller Brothers Airport US
08NC Whiteheart Farm Airport US
08ND Brecht Strip US
08NE Laurel Municipal Airport US
08NH Memorial Hospital Heliport US
08NJ St Barnabas Medical Center Heliport US
08NY Md1 Airport US
08OH Kenley Airport US
08OK Parks Airport US
08OR Saxon Sycan Airport US
08PA Pocono Raceway Heliport US
08PN Thomson Heliport US
08R Richmond Airport US
08TA Rancho Del Lago Heliport US
08TE B. J. Mc Combs Sisterdale Airport US
08TS Puesta Del Sol Airport US
08TX Cross Wind Airport US
08U Stevens-Crosby Airport US
08VA Springwood Airstrip US
08WA Manchester Laboratory Heliport US
08WI Pierick Airport US
08XA Knolle Ranch Airport US
08XS Peterson Airport US
09AK West Beaver Airport US
09AR Magnolia Hospital Heliport US
09AZ Stronghold Airport US
09CA Mee Memorial Hospital Heliport US
09CL Alta Sierra Airport US
09CN Tulare Motor Sports #2 Heliport US
09CO Cottonwood Field US
09FA Placid Lakes Airport US
09FD Cheryl-Lane Landings Airport US
09FL Sunnybreeze Airport US
09GA Sunbelt Strip US
09I International Falls Seaplane Base US
09IA Skydive Iowa Airport US
09ID Taylor Ranch Landing Area Airport US
09II Gibbons Field US
09IL Silver Cross Hospital Heliport US
09IN Gordon Airport US
09IS Swedish American Heliport US
09KS Coffman Airport US
09KY Baptist Hospital East Heliport US
09LA Era Helicopters Fourchon Helibase Heliport US
09LL Pine Hill Airport US
09LS West Feliciana Sheriff's Office Heliport US
09MA Kallander Field US
09ME Perrotti Skyranch Airfield US
09MI Michigan National Guard Headquarters Heliport US
09MN W Johnson Field US
09MO Hogue Farm Airport US
09N Airhaven Airport US
09NC William Irving Lewis Airport US
09NE Summer Hill Farm Airport US
09NJ Stonebridge Farm Helistop US
09NR Dakota Air Ranch Airport US
09NY Spring Lake Fire Department Heliport US
09OK Ragtime Aerodrome US
09OR Mid-Columbia Medical Center Heliport US
09PA Eagle Field US
09PN Hundley Residence Heliport US
09S Sullivan Lake State Airport US
09TA Lazy G Bar Ranch Airport US
09TE Running M Ranch Airport US
09TN Univ of Tennessee Medical Center Heliport US
09TS Pitcock Rosillos Mountain Ranch Airport US
09TX Smokey Mtn Ranch Airport US
09VA Alum Ridge STOLport US
09VG Augusta Medical Center Heliport US
09W South Capitol Street Heliport US
09WA Holy Family Hospital Heliport US
09WI Parkway Farm Strip US
09XS Baptist Medical Center Heliport US
09Y Wipline Seaplane Base US
0AA6 Big Salmon Heliport US
0AK Pilot Station Airport US
0AK0 Scotts Airport US
0AK1 Anderson Lake Airport US
0AK2 Yentna Bend Strip US
0AK3 Parker Lake Airport US
0AK5 Young Creek Airport US
0AK6 Victory Airport US
0AK7 Bradley Lake Hydroelectri Project Airstrip US
0AK8 Pollux Heliport US
0AK9 Falcon Lake Strip US
0AL0 Huntsville Field US
0AL1 Resort Airport US
0AL2 Clay County Hospital Heliport US
0AL3 Hospital Pad Heliport US
0AL4 B.M.C. - De Kalb Heliport US
0AL5 Flomaton Airport US
0AL6 D.W. Mcmillian Memorial Hospital Heliport US
0AL7 Gadsden Regl Medical Center Heliport US
0AL8 Brookwood Medical Center Heliport US
0AL9 Wilson Creek Airport US
0AR0 Smh Heliport US
0AR1 Hooterville South Airport US
0AR2 Mission Field-Marotti Memorial Airport US
0AR3 Taylor's Air Strip US
0AR4 Ozarks Community Hospital Heliport US
0AR5 Rgnl Medical Center Heliport US
0AR6 Ami National Park Medical Center Heliport US
0AR7 Yancopin Airport US
0AR8 Howard Memorial Hospital Heliport US
0AR9 Eureka Springs Hospital Heliport US
0AZ0 Arizona Heart Hospital Heliport US
0AZ1 Taylor Field US
0AZ2 Western Sky Airport US
0AZ4 Flying Bucket Ranch Airport US
0AZ5 Castle Well Airport US
0AZ6 St Joseph's Hospital Heliport US
0AZ7 Sunstate Heliport US
0B2 Brewer Airport US
0B7 Warren-Sugarbush Airport US
0C1 Triple R Airport US
0C2 Hinckley Airport US
0C5 Canadian Lakes Airport US
0C7 Grandpas' Farm Mendota Airport US
0C8 Cushing Field Ltd Airport US
0C9 Coach & Paddock Heliport US
0CA0 Drew Medical Center Heliport US
0CA1 Northside Airpark US
0CA2 Va Greater Los Angeles Health Care Center Heliport US
0CA3 Crawford Airport US
0CA4 Shepherd Ranch Airport US
0CA5 Hoffman Private Airport US
0CA6 Emory Ranch Airport US
0CA7 Boeing Seal Beach (Rooftop) Heliport US
0CA8 Ward Ranch Airport US
0CA9 Blech Ranch Airport US
0CD0 Delta County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
0CD1 Colorado Plains Medical Center Heliport US
0CD2 Foxx Valley Airport US
0CD3 Branch's Heliport US
0CD4 Kauffman Heliport US
0CD5 Pinon Canyon Airport US
0CD6 Exempla Good Samaritan Heliport US
0CD7 Fox Hole Airport US
0CD8 Prowers Medical Center Heliport US
0CD9 Swedish S.W. Medical Heliport US
0CL0 Yosemite Hidden Lake Ranch Airport US
0CL1 Krey Field Airport US
0CL2 Parking Lot Heliport US
0CL3 John Nichol's Field Airport US
0CL4 Glen Fed Heliport US
0CL5 The Atrium Heliport US
0CL6 Bohunk's Airpark US
0CL7 Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport US
0CL8 Tera Ultralightport US
0CL9 Sce San Jacinto Valley Service Center Heliport US
0CN1 Fiorini Ranch Airport US
0CN2 Sutter Butte Dusters Airport US
0CO0 Longmont United Hospital Heliport US
0CO1 Dave's Airport US
0CO2 Buckhorn Ranch Airport US
0CO3 Greggs Nr 1 Airport US
0CO4 Geo-Seis Helicopters Heliport US
0CO5 Chenoweth Airport US
0CO6 Flying M & M Ranch Airport US
0CO7 Century Helicopters Heliport US
0CO8 Cartwheel Airport US
0CO9 Van Treese Airport US
0CT0 Sharon Hospital Heliport US
0CT1 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Heliport US
0CT2 Windham Hospital Heliport US
0CT3 N B G H Heliport US
0CT4 Burke Heliport US
0CT5 St Francis Hospital Heliport US
0CT6 Middletown Heliport US
0CT7 Bridgeport Hospital Heliport US
0CT8 Danbury Hospital Heliport US
0CT9 Hartford Hospital Heliport US
0D6 Wilber Municipal Airport US
0D7 Ada Airport US
0D9 Air Park North US
0E9 Corydon Airport US
0FA0 Doral Resort & Country Club Heliport US
0FA1 Ott's Landing Airport US
0FA2 Doctors Memorial Hospital #2 Heliport US
0FA5 Briley Farm Seaplane Base US
0FD0 The 2A Ranch Airport US
0FD1 Panhandle Helicopter Llc Heliport US
0FD2 Dolphin Stadium Heliport US
0FD3 Dugger Field US
0FD4 Cloverleaf Farms Ii Inc. Heliport US
0FD5 Breezy Knoll Airport US
0FD6 Fulton Seaplane Base US
0FD9 Joy Farms Airport US
0FL0 Harper's Fly-In Ranch Airport US
0FL1 Thompson Airfield US
0FL2 Alligator Drink Seaplane Base US
0FL3 Old Town Ems Heliport US
0FL4 Jackson Heliport US
0FL5 Lake Conway South Seaplane Base US
0FL6 Stanchester Airport US
0FL7 Wcpx Tv-6 Heliport US
0FL8 Gary Gale Seaplane Base US
0FL9 Mc Daniel Ranch Inc. Airport US
0G0 North Buffalo Suburban Airport US
0G5 Grand Marais/Cook County Seaplane Base US
0GA0 Halls Flying Ranch Airport US
0GA1 Mustang Field US
0GA2 Airnautique, Inc. Airport US
0GA3 Ayresouth Airport US
0GA4 Paradise Falls Airport US
0GA5 Big Canoe Heliport US
0GA6 Sunset Strip US
0GA7 Hickory Level Airfield US
0GA8 Paso Fino Farm Airport US
0GA9 Roberta Industrial Park Airport US
0GE0 Pinewood Airport US
0GE1 Crystal Lake Airpark US
0GE3 Lookout Mountain Airport US
0GE4 Pecan Patch Airstrip US
0GE5 Mountain Airpark US
0GE7 Carpenter Airport US
0GE9 Pegasus Ranch Airport US
0H7 Kahoka Municipal Airport US
0I2 Brazil Clay County Airport US
0IA0 Knoxville Area Community Hospital Heliport US
0IA1 St Anthony Regional Hospital Heliport US
0IA2 Audubon County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
0IA3 Hawkeye Airport US
0IA4 Sharar Field US
0IA5 Moore Private Airport US
0IA6 Rinehart Airport US
0IA7 Cromwell Heliport US
0IA8 Hannen Airport US
0IA9 Army Reserve Heliport US
0ID0 South Fork Ranch Airport US
0ID1 Ziggy's Airport US
0ID2 Flying Joseph Ranch Airport US
0ID3 Coyote Run Airport US
0ID4 Black Butte Ranch Airport US
0ID5 Ez Lope Ranch Airport US
0ID6 Steele Memorial Heliport US
0ID7 Z X Ranch Airport US
0ID8 Pinnacle Airport US
0II0 Chuck's Airport US
0II1 Unsicker Airport US
0II2 Creighton Airport US
0II3 Miller Strip US
0II5 Marshall Field US
0II6 Kropf Airport US
0II7 Frost Field US
0II8 Sutton's Field US
0II9 Winters Airport US
0IL0 Hamilton Memorial Hospital Heliport US
0IL1 Loyola University Medical Center Heliport US
0IL2 Griffin Airport US
0IL3 Flying B Ranch Airport US
0IL4 Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport US
0IL5 OSF St Luke Medical Center Heliport US
0IL6 Kishwaukee Community Hospital Heliport US
0IL8 Walter Airport US
0IL9 Jack W. Watson Airport US
0IN1 Snider Field US
0IN2 The Lazy K Airport US
0IN3 Graves Landing Strip US
0IN4 Air Park Field US
0IN5 Byrne Field US
0IN7 Roto-Whirl/Holiday Heliport US
0IN8 Roto-Whirl/Vantage Heliport US
0IN9 Parrish Airport US
0IS0 Trinity Medical Center West Heliport US
0IS2 Evanston/Glenbrook Heliport US
0IS3 Cady Aerial RLA Restricted Landing Area US
0IS4 Dawson Farms Airport US
0IS6 Dongola Heliport US
0IS8 Blessing Hospital At 11th St Heliport US
0IS9 Bernardin Heliport US
0J0 Abbeville Municipal Airport US
0J8 Flying Ten Airport US
0K6 Dobie's Airport US
0KS0 J V Ranch Airport US
0KS2 Kellie Mann Airfield US
0KS3 Camp Chippewa Airport US
0KS4 Norris Airport US
0KS6 Kendrigan Airport US
0KS7 Mono Aircraft Airport US
0KS8 Pearce Field US
0KS9 Lmn 120 Airport US
0KY0 Owen Air Park US
0KY1 Arnemann Farms Airport US
0KY2 Mgt Station 2105 Heliport US
0KY3 Tennessee Gas Heliport US
0KY4 Cambron Field US
0KY5 Falin Landing Strip US
0KY6 Tennessee Gas Heliport US
0KY7 Clinton-Hickman County Airport US
0KY8 Sky Airport US
0KY9 Pine Mountain Aero Heliport US
0L4 Lida Junction Airport US
0L5 Goldfield Airport US
0L6 Winn Parish Medical Center Heliport US
0LA0 West Hackberry Heliport US
0LA1 Double H Ranch Airport US
0LA2 Don Babin-Private Airport US
0LA3 Belcher Airpatch Airport US
0LA4 North Caddo Medical Center Heliport US
0LA5 Conoco Inc Heliport US
0LA6 Freeport Sulphur Heliport US
0LA7 Exxon Heliport US
0LA8 Jackson Parish Hospital Heliport US
0LA9 Rebel Field US
0LL0 Kaufield Airport US
0LL1 Jerseyville Aviation Inc Airport US
0LL2 Murk's Strip US
0LL3 Koenig Airport US
0LL4 Flaherty Field US
0LL5 Busboom RLA Restricted Landing Area US
0LL6 Gord Airport US
0LL7 Valley West Hospital Heliport US
0LL9 Savanna Army Depot Helipad US
0LS0 Theriot Field US
0LS2 Evergreen Fourchon Heliport US
0LS3 Evergreen Venice Heliport US
0LS4 Buller's Airstrip US
0LS5 Trahan Ultralightport US
0LS6 Dufour Airport US
0LS7 Morgan Field US
0LS8 Lonesome Dove Airfield US
0LS9 Huenefeld Airport US
0MA1 Massachusetts General Hospital Heliport US
0MA2 Healthalliance Hospital-Leominster Heliport US
0MA3 Reh Heliport US
0MA4 Boston Medical Center Hospital Heliport US
0MA5 Brockton Usar Center Heliport US
0MA6 Wbz Heliport US
0MA8 Textron/Everett Heliport US
0MA9 Lleia Kyle O'Meara Heliport US
0MD0 Baltimore Washington Medical Center Heliport US
0MD1 Taylor Field US
0MD2 Squier Landing Airport US
0MD3 The Johns Hopkins Hospital Heliport US
0MD4 Pond View Private Airport US
0MD5 Greater Laurel Beltsville Hospital Heliport US
0MD6 Walters Airport US
0MD7 The Aspen Institute Heliport US
0MD8 Security Ford Heliport US
0MD9 Calvert Memorial Hospital Heliport US
0ME4 Peasley Field US
0MI0 Sumner Heliport US
0MI1 Sugar Springs Airpark US
0MI2 Stier Airstrip US
0MI3 Kelleys Airport US
0MI4 Lesterson-Dempsey Airstrip US
0MI6 Young's Airport US
0MI7 Four Star Heliport US
0MI8 Twin Lakes Airport US
0MI9 Henry Ford Hospital Heliport US
0MN0 Winner's Landing Seaplane Base US
0MN1 Brinkman Airport US
0MN2 Grindstone Lake Seaplane Base US
0MN3 Lower Hay Lake Seaplane Base US
0MN4 Paul's Seaplane Base US
0MN5 Pankratz Airport US
0MN6 Matson Field US
0MN7 Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital Heliport US
0MN8 Keller Airport US
0MN9 Triple H Heliport US
0MO0 Ferros Ranch-Aero Airport US
0MO1 Flying G Airport US
0MO2 Short-N-Ruff Airport US
0MO3 Arvin Ranch Airport US
0MO4 Bert Walter Berkowitz Heliport US
0MO5 Joe D Lewis Airport US
0MO6 Hall Airport US
0MO7 St Joseph Hospital West Heliport US
0MO8 Sloan's Airport US
0MO9 Emerson Heliport US
0MS0 Topton Air Estates Airport US
0MS1 Franklin Field US
0MS2 Morgan Field US
0MS3 Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Ms Heliport US
0MS4 Sheriff's Courthouse Heliport US
0MS5 Lewis Air Service Airport US
0MS6 Levert Heliport US
0MS7 Hale Field US
0MS8 Catfish Point Airport US
0MS9 Shenandoah Valley Farms Airport US
0MT1 Williams Field US
0MT2 Big Sandy Medical Center Heliport US
0MT3 Stock Farm Heliport US
0MT4 Kimp Airport US
0MT5 Cottonwood Airport US
0MT6 Hanson Airport US
0MT7 Pinehurst Ranch Airport US
0MT8 Glacier Heli Tours Heliport US
0MT9 Lone Hawk Airport US
0MU0 Eagle Field US
0MU1 Sunderland Airport US
0MU2 Christian Hospital Northeast Heliport US
0MU3 Hannibal Regional Hospital Heliport US
0MU4 Slaughter Airport US
0MU5 Holden Heliport US
0MU6 Bradbury-Rolf Memorial Heliport US
0MU7 Lambs Field US
0MU8 Prince STOLport US
0MY0 Kenyon Heliport US
0MY1 Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Heliport US
0N0 Roosterville Airport US
0N4 Chandelle Estates Airport US
0N5 Deldot Helistop US
0N6 Henderson Aviation Airport US
0NA1 Goerger Airport US
0NA5 Sorlie Airport US
0NA9 Boyd's Turf Airport US
0NC0 Wayne Memorial Hospital Inc. Heliport US
0NC1 Bearwallow Farm Airport US
0NC2 Moore Regional Hospital Heliport US
0NC3 Washington County Hospital Heliport US
0NC4 Wake Medical Center Heliport US
0NC5 Nash General Hospital Heliport US
0NC6 Our Community Hospital Heliport US
0NC7 Lindsay Airport US
0NC8 Flying S Ranch Airport US
0NC9 Maria Parham Hospital Heliport US
0ND0 Gilbertson Field US
0ND6 Schumacher Strip US
0ND7 Saville Private Airport US
0NE0 Merrihew Airport US
0NE1 Runner Landing Area Airport US
0NE2 Merry Airport US
0NE3 Syracuse Hospital Heliport US
0NE4 Franklin County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
0NE5 Newman Airport US
0NE6 Frager Field US
0NH7 Leinsing Heliport US
0NJ0 Atlantic City Medical Center Heliport US
0NJ1 Berkeley Township Police Heliport US
0NJ2 Ballymere Heliport US
0NJ3 Mount Holly Heliport US
0NJ4 Weichert Headquarters Heliport US
0NJ5 Fla-Net Airport US
0NJ6 Dix Field US
0NJ7 Essex Generating Station Heliport US
0NJ8 Port Newark Helistop US
0NJ9 Jersey Tpke New Brunswick Helistop US
0NK0 Berdick Field US
0NK1 Spring Brook Airport US
0NK2 Westwind Farm Airport US
0NK3 Seven Gullies Airport US
0NK4 Medical Center Heliport US
0NK5 Mid-Hudson Helicopter Service Heliport US
0NK6 Lapeer Flyer Airport US
0NK7 Ibm King St Heliport US
0NK8 Rocky Reef Farm Airport US
0NK9 Lakeview Airport US
0NM0 Columbus Municipal Airport US
0NM7 Negrito Airstrip US
0NV1 Summerlin Medical Center Heliport US
0NY0 Bennetts Airport US
0NY1 Russell Field US
0NY3 Kermizian Airport US
0NY5 State Police Troop D Heliport US
0NY6 New York State Police Heliport US
0NY7 Murphys Landing Strip US
0NY8 Wenskoski Field US
0O0 San Luis Reservoir Seaplane Base US
0O4 Corning Municipal Airport US
0O9 Ward Field US
0OH1 Cirino Heliport US
0OH2 Jenkins Field US
0OH3 Hamilton County Sheriff's Patrol Heliport US
0OH4 Upper Valley Medical Center Heliport US
0OH6 Fry Field US
0OH7 Apple Airport US
0OH8 Fry Airport US
0OH9 Parknavy STOLport US
0OI0 Foltz Heliport US
0OI1 Autolite Heliport US
0OI2 Unger Field US
0OI3 Galloway Airport US
0OI4 Salt Box Airport US
0OI6 Victor's Landing Airport US
0OI9 Hidden Quarry Airport US
0OK0 Edmond Airport US
0OK1 Mckey Airport US
0OK2 Parkview Hospital Heliport US
0OK3 Mckinley Ranch Airport US
0OK4 Rock Creek Farm Airport US
0OK5 Chappell Airport US
0OK6 Ellis/Harvey Airport US
0OK7 Shattuck Hospital Heliport US
0OK8 Cade's Airport US
0OK9 Crystal Airport US
0OR0 Providence Hospital Heliport US
0OR2 Hendershots Heliport US
0OR3 Long Ranch Airport US
0OR4 Round Butte Heliport US
0OR5 East Oregon Cattle Co Airport US
0OR6 Rome Service Airport US
0OR7 Marr Field US
0OR8 Sutton on Rogue Airport US
0OR9 Hanel Field US
0P0 Valley Forge Bicentennial Heliport US
0P1 Van Pak Airport US
0P2 Shoestring Aviation Airfield US
0PA0 Philadelphia Gliderport US
0PA1 Phoenix Technologies Heliport US
0PA2 Haunstein Ultralightport US
0PA3 Robbins Farm Airport US
0PA4 Ecko Field US
0PA5 Fisher Airport US
0PA6 Hostetler Airport US
0PA7 Linvill Airport US
0PA8 Community Medical Center Nap Heliport US
0PA9 Carson Heliport US
0PN0 Fletcher Airport US
0PN1 Pete's Water Landing Seaplane Base US
0PN2 Flying Acres Airport US
0PN3 Wyeth-Ayerst Nr Heliport US
0PN4 Kitner Airport US
0PN5 Nichols Airport US
0PN6 Memmi Airport US
0PN7 Drillmore Acres Airport US
0PN8 Shriver Airport US
0PN9 Paul Personal Use Airport US
0PS0 Frederick Airpark US
0PS1 Mc Crory Stores Heliport US
0PS2 Marian Heliport US
0PS3 Carsonville Airport US
0PS4 Old Orchard Airport US
0PS5 Used Parts Heliport US
0PS6 Herbst Heliport US
0PS7 Harman Airport US
0PS8 Bayfront Garage Heliport US
0PS9 Delaware Valley Medical Center Heliport US
0Q3 Sonoma Valley Airport US
0Q4 Selma Airport US
0Q6 Shingletown Airport US
0Q9 Sonoma Skypark Airport US
0R2 Lincoln Municipal Airport US
0R7 The Red River Airport US
0R9 Plainville Airpark US
0S1 Meadow Creek Usfs Airport US
0S2 Stockton Municipal Airport US
0S5 Nez Perce Municipal Airport US
0SD0 Lenling Airport US
0SD1 Lodi Airport US
0SD2 Prairie Lakes West Heliport US
0SD3 Bledsoe Ranch Airport US
0SD4 Brookview Manor Heliport US
0SD5 The Fort Heliport US
0SD6 Oasis Ranch Airport US
0SD7 Porch Ranch Airport US
0SD8 Juhnke Airport US
0SD9 Crazy Horse Heliport US
0T3 Twin City Airpark US
0T7 Kittyhawk Airport US
0TA0 Mainland Regional Health Care System Heliport US
0TA1 Buddy Harmel Airport US
0TA2 Smith Farms Airport US
0TA3 Tate Ranch Airport US
0TA4 Erco Field US
0TA5 Metro Heli-Pad Heliport US
0TA6 Arco Ingleside Shorebase Heliport US
0TA7 Alta Vista Ranch Airport US
0TA8 Womack Plantation Airport US
0TA9 Houston Oil & Minerals Port Bolivar Nr 2 Heliport US
0TE0 Robertson Ranch Airport US
0TE1 Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial Heliport US
0TE2 Bell Helicopter Hurst Heliport US
0TE3 Buzz Field US
0TE4 Hilltop Lakes Airport US
0TE5 Santa Maria Ranch Airport US
0TE6 Gorman Airport US
0TE7 LBJ Ranch Airport US
0TE8 Texas World Speedway Helistop Nr 1 Heliport US
0TE9 Texas World Speedway Helistop Nr 2 Heliport US
0TN0 R & S Buzzard Airport US
0TN1 Tims Ford Seaplane Base US
0TN2 Village Airport US
0TN3 Park West Heliport US
0TN4 Physicians Medical Regional Center Heliport US
0TN5 Mc Donald Airport US
0TN6 Riner Farm Airport US
0TN7 Horne Properties Heliport US
0TN8 Erlanger Medical Center Heliport US
0TN9 East Tennessee Children's Hospital Heliport US
0TS0 Flower Mound Airport US
0TS1 Dooley Airport US
0TS2 Ultralight International Ultralightport US
0TS3 Houston Heliport US
0TS4 Ullrich Airport US
0TS5 Lake Bay Gall Airport US
0TS6 Harris County Courthouse Heliport US
0TS7 Flying U Airport US
0TS8 Flying 'K' Ranch Ultralightport US
0TS9 Jim Roach Field US
0TT8 Dynasty Heliport MP
0TX0 Nassau Bay Airport US
0TX1 Pecan Plantation Airport US
0TX2 Heliport-Facility 5a Heliport US
0TX3 Panola General Hospital Heliport US
0TX4 Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp Heliport US
0TX5 Shiloh Airport US
0TX6 Elm Creek Airpark US
0TX7 Lazy K Acres Airport US
0TX8 Jacobia Field US
0TX9 Card Aerodrome US
0U0 Landmark US Forest Service Airport US
0U1 Warm Springs Creek Airport US
0U2 Copper Basin Airport US
0U3 Mahoney Creek US Forest Service Airport US
0U7 Hollow Top Airport US
0U8 May Airport US
0U9 Lee Williams Memorial Airport US
0VA0 Mostly Harmless Heliport US
0VA1 Johnson Fox Field US
0VA2 Riverwood Airport US
0VA3 Hunt Airport US
0VA4 Worley Field US
0VA5 Coffman Field US
0VA6 Mc Guire Va Medical Center Pad Heliport US
0VA7 Flatrock Air Strip US
0VA8 Jayarz Airport US
0VA9 Handy Strip US
0VI1 Brooklyn Airport US
0W0 Seattle Seaplanes Seaplane Base US
0W7 Floathaven Seaplane Base US
0WA0 Streamline Heliport US
0WA1 Dwight Field US
0WA2 Curtis Airport US
0WA3 Air Columbia Heliport US
0WA4 Hansen Heliport US
0WA5 Ware Mountain Heliport US
0WA6 Stevens Memorial Hospital Heliport US
0WA7 Shamrock Port Heliport US
0WA8 Childrens Hospital Emergency Heliport US
0WA9 Naval Station Everett Heliport US
0WI0 Aurora St Luke's Medical Center Heliport US
0WI1 Mort's Landing Airport US
0WI2 Doering Farms Airfield US
0WI3 Aurora Lakeland Medical Center Heliport US
0WI4 Snow Crest Ranch Airport US
0WI5 Crash In International Airport US
0WI6 Simandl Field/Private Airport US
0WI7 With Wings And A Halo Airport US
0WI8 Oconomowoc Airport US
0WI9 Mc Manus Hoonch-Na-Shee-Kaw Airport US
0WN0 Rucilla's Roost Airport US
0WN1 Shangri-La Airport US
0WN2 Coopers Landing US
0WN4 Olympia Heliport US
0WN5 Potts Field US
0WN6 L-Z Blue Thunder Heliport US
0WN7 Enumclaw Community Hospital Heliport US
0WN8 Sheldon Heliport US
0WN9 Wings For Christ Airport US
0WY0 Freedom Air Ranch Airport US
0WY1 Dorsey Creek Ranch Airport US
0XA0 Parkland Hospital Nr 2 Heliport US
0XA2 Fort Duncan Medical Center Heliport US
0XA3 Midstream Freeport Heliport US
0XA4 Seven C's Ranch Airport US
0XA5 74 Ranch Airport US
0XA6 Jaxon Landing Heliport US
0XA7 Bar 3 Ranch Airport US
0XA8 Ohho Airport US
0XA9 Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Heliport US
0XS0 Diamond H Ranch Airport US
0XS1 Rodgers Roost Airport US
0XS2 John Fields Ranch Airport US
0XS3 South Texas Project Heliport US
0XS4 Eds Heliport US
0XS5 Southeastern Helicopters Heliport US
0XS6 Lakeside Beach Airport US
0XS7 Anacacho Ranch Airport US
0XS8 Dunbar Ranch Airport US
0XS9 French Field US
0Y4 Lambert Fechter Municipal Airport US
0Y6 Lake Mills Municipal Airport US
0Z2 Road Commission Nr 1 Airport US
0Z3 Shannons Pond Seaplane Base US
1,00E Maples Field US
10AK Hunt Strip US
10AL North Jackson Hospital Heliport US
10AR Huntsville Memorial Hospital Heliport US
10AZ Pierce Airport US
10CA William E Poole Heliport US
10CL Joe Gottlieb Field US
10CN St Helena Hospital Heliport US
10CO Silkman Farms Inc. Airport US
10D Winsted Municipal Airport US
10F Rosser Ranch Airport US
10FA Flying Baron Estates Airport US
10FD Seven Feathers Airport US
10FL Fishermen's Hospital Emergency Helistop US
10GA Beaverbrook Aerodrome US
10IA Flyers Airport US
10ID Flat Top Airstrip US
10II Jasper County Hospital Heliport US
10IL Riverside Medical Center Heliport US
10IN Squires Airport US
10KS University of Kansas Hospital Heliport US
10KY Southwest Government Center Heliport US
10LA Industrial Helicopters Inc. Airport US
10LS G & J Fly A Way Ultralightport US
10MA Beaver Lake Seaplane Base US
10MI St Mary's Hospital Heliport US
10MN Lookout Lake Seaplane Base US
10MO Eckerts Airstrip US
10MS Daniel Emergency Response Team Heliport US
10MT Hoolie Airport US
10MU Freeman Neosha Hospital Heliport US
10NC Johnston Farm Airport US
10ND Smith Strip US
10NE St Joseph Hospital Heliport US
10NH Clark Heliport US
10NJ St Francis M C Helistop US
10NY Beaver Meadow Heliport US
10OH Zoellner Airport US
10OK Hickory Hills Airport US
10OR Stevens Mountain Airport US
10PA Piac Heliport US
10PN One Meridian Plaza Heliport US
10TA Bear Creek Heliport US
10TE Gottwald Field US
10TN Flatwood Field US
10TS Saint's Strip Ultralightport US
10TX Jbh Aerospace Heliport US
10UT Gilbert Development Corp Heliport US
10VA Nashs Airport US
10WA Mullan Hill Airport US
10WI Buds Landing Airport US
10WY Willow Creek Ranch Airport US
10XS Flying S Air Ranch Airport US
11AK Rocking T. Ranch Airport US
11AL Ech Stagefield Army Heliport US
11AR CHI St. Vincent Hospital Hot Springs Heliport US
11AZ Whetstone Airport US
11CA Turner Field US
11CL Hansen Airport US
11CN Shasta Regional Medical Center Heliport US
11CO Channel 7 Heliport US
11FA B & L Farms Airport US
11FD North Okaloosa Medical Center Heliport US
11FL Williams Field US
11G Johnson Field US
11GA De Kalb General Hospital Heliport US
11GE Apple 1 Heliport US
11ID Riddle Airport US
11II Atterbury Field (Camp Atterbury) US
11IL Presence St Mary's Hospital - Kankakee Heliport US
11IN Jr's Airport US
11IS St Anthony Memorial Hospital Heliport US
11KS Sheller's Airport US
11KY Southwest Hospital Heliport US
11LA Tiger Pass Seaplane Base US
11LL Thacker Airport US
11LS Jasmine Hill Airport US
11M Fulton-Itawamba County Airport US
11MA Bulljump Airport US
11MD Tim's Airport US
11MI Wagner's Landing Heliport US
11MN Sixberry's Landing Seaplane Base US
11MO Redgate Ranch Airport US
11MU Rocky Top Airfield US
11N Candlelight Farms Airport US
11NC Sprint/Midatlantic Telecom Heliport US
11NE Kaan Airport US
11NJ Southdown Heliport US
11NK Hop House Airpark US
11NR Dosher Heliport US
11NY Saikkonen Airport US
11OA Hide-A-Way Hills Resort Airport US
11OG Unity Airport US
11OH Fayette County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
11OK Beefor Ranch Airport US
11OR Holiday Sky Ranch Airport US
11PA Sherrie John Manor Heliport US
11PN Eakin Airport US
11S Sekiu Airport US
11TA Conoco Heliport US
11TE Flying M Ranch Airport US
11TN Salem Field US
11TS Pt Enterprise D&W Ranch Airport US
11TX Butler Airport US
11UT Flying R Airport US
11VA Chesapeake General Hospital Heliport US
11VG Devil's Reach Landing Airport US
11WA Homeport Airport US
11WI Victory Memorial Hospital Heliport US
11WN Diedrich Seaplane Base US
11Y Flying Feathers Airport US
12A Arkavalley Airport US
12AL Goldberg Stagefield Army Heliport US
12AR Gibbons Airport US
12AZ Ranta Strip US
12CA Faber Vineyards Airport US
12CL Newton Field US
12CN Richter Airport US
12CO Omega 1 STOLport US
12FA Hi-Acres Airport US
12FD Osceola Regional Hospital Heliport US
12FL Timberlachen Seaplane Base US
12GA Gwinnett Community Hospital D/B/A Eastside Medical Center Heliport US
12GE Harvest Lake Seaplane Base US
12I Brookville Reservoir Seaplane Base US
12IA Plueger Airfield US
12ID Flying B Ranch Landing Strip US
12II Pentecost Airport US
12IL Hawker Airport US
12IN J & S Field US
12IS Mercer County Hospital Heliport US
12JY Clinton Elks Lodge Balloonport US
12KS Sooter Airport US
12KY John M. Foree Airport US
12LA Kml Airport US
12LL Lambdins Field US
12LS Hains Airstrip US
12MA Mellen Street Heliport US
12MD St. Agnes Health Care Heliport US
12ME Ridgeview Airport US
12MI John's Airport US
12MN Eastman Seaplane Base US
12MO Ferguson Farms Airport US
12MS Green Acres Airport US
12MT Lincolns Field US
12NC Atlantic Field Mcolf Airport US
12ND Pietschtree Airstrip US
12NE Reisig Brothers Airport US
12NH Gile Pond Airport US
12NJ Penske 2 Heliport US
12NK Westport Airport US
12NM Columbus Stockyards Airport US
12NY Tgp-245 Heliport US
12OA Defiance Regional Medical Center Heliport US
12OH Mcgregor Airfield US
12OK Expressway Airpark US
12OR Skinner Ranch Airport US
12PA Helicopter Applicators Inc Heliport US
12PN WCAU Heliport US
12PR Villamil-304 Ponce De Leon Heliport PR
12PS Siple Heliport US
12S Monument Municipal Airport US
12SC Over the Hill Airport US
12T Ferris Red Oak Municipal Heliport US
12TA Channel Two Heliport US
12TE Curtis Ranch Field US
12TN Riley Creek Airport US
12TS Blo Airport US
12TX Griffin Airport US
12VA Hop-Along Airport US
12WA Fowlers Nw 40 Airport US
12WI Memorial Hospital of Taylor County Heliport US
12WT Walker Airport US
12WV Crazy Horse Airport US
12WY Black Diamond Airport US
12XA Wood Farm Airfield US
12XS Mc Croskey Field US
13AK Satterbergs Airport US
13AL Hatch Stagefield Army Heliport US
13AR Jrmc Heliport US
13AZ Waltenberry Field Ultralightport US
13CA M H 15 Heaps Peak US Forest Service Heliport US
13CL Maine Prairie Airport US
13CO Mann Heliport US
13D Ponderosa Heliport US
13FA Earle Airpark US
13FD Yelvington Heliport US
13FL Gator Lake Heliport US
13GA Oak Ridge Plantation Airport US
13GE Holt Airpark US
13IA Hillside Stables Airport US
13ID Silva Ranch Airport US
13II St Joseph Medical Center Heliport US
13IN Gage Airport US
13JY Hess Port Reading Heliport US
13KS Daniel's Landing Airport US
13KY Miles Airport US
13LA Evergreen Heliport US
13LL Henry Valve Company Heliport US
13LS Tee Brad's Airport US
13M Aeronut Park Balloonport US
13MA Metropolitan Airport US
13ME Socatean Bay Airport US
13MI Lee Memorial Hospital Heliport US
13MN Melby Airport US
13MO Domeyer Airport US
13MS Greener Pastures Airpark US
13MT Sorenson Airport US
13N Trinca Airport US
13NC Oak Grove Mcolf Airport US
13NE Hock Airport US
13NJ Wyeth-Ayerst Research Heliport US
13NK Quaker Valley Farm Heliport US
13NM Beaverhead Airstrip US
13NY Health Sciences Center University Hospital Heliport US
13OH Rose Field US
13OI Union Hospital Heliport US
13OK Mc Alester Regional Hospital Heliport US
13OR Aubrey Mountain Airstrip US
13PA Rigrtona Airport US
13PN Richland Acres Ultralightport US
13PS St. Luke's/Pennstar Flight Center Heliport US
13Q Jewett Mesa Airport US
13S Lake Louise Seaplane Base US
13SC Grassy Pond Heliport US
13TA Kbmt-Tv Heliport US
13TE Varisco Airport US
13TN Bear Mountain Heliport US
13TS Van Es Ranch Airport US
13TX Allison Ranch Airport US
13VA 7th Division State Police Headquarters Heliport US
13VG May Heliport US
13W Camano Island Airfield US
13WA Fsa - Everett Heliport US
13WI Nowatzski Field US
13XS Presbyterian Hospital Of Rockwall Heliport US
13Y Littlefork Muni/Hanover Airport US
13Z Loring Seaplane Base US
14AK Four Corners Airport US
14AL Highbluff Stagefield Army Heliport US
14AR Rice-Bell Field Airport US
14AZ Ruby Star Airpark US
14CA Hoag Memorial Hospital Heliport US
14CL Foothill Presbyterian Hospital Heliport US
14CO Good Pasture Airport US
14CT Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation Heliport US
14FA Burrs Strip US
14FD Sunshine Farms Airport US
14FL Wells Flying Service Airport US
14GA Latham Creek Heliport US
14GE Stakely Heliport US
14I Bloom Airport US
14ID Peaceful Cove Airport US
14IL Kewanee Hospital Heliport US
14IN De Motte Airport US
14IS Marshall Browning Hospital Heliport US
14KS G & S Space Port Airport US
14KY Blue Haven Farm Airport US
14L Devonshire Area Heliport US
14LA Killarny Farm Airport US
14LL Gottlieb Heliport US
14LS Go Gulf Heliport US
14MA Vergnani Heliport US
14ME Ring Hill Airport US
14MI East-West Paris Airport US
14MN Riverwood Healthcare Center Heliport US
14MO Stevinson Farm Airport US
14MS Rose Field US
14MT Holland Ranch Airport US
14N Beltzville Airport US
14NC Camp Davis Mcolf Airport US
14ND Hagen Private Airport US
14NE Aaron's Field US
14NH Cheshire Medical Center Heliport US
14NJ Wuerkers New Acres Farm Heliport US
14NK Mountain View Airport US
14NY Windy's Heliport US
14OH Heilman Airport US
14OI Pleasant Home Gliding Club Gliderport US
14OK Reherman Airport US
14OR Air Columbia Heliport US
14P Boggs Field US
14PA Dimascio Field US
14PS Hideaway Ultralightport US
14S Westport Airport US
14SN Colmery-O'Neil Vamc Heliport US
14TA Dean Ranch Airport US
14TE Smith I-Ranch Airport US
14TN News Channel 3 Heliport US
14TS O S Wyatt Airport US
14TX Keyes Ranch Airport US
14VA Krens Farm Airport US
14WA Lz Ranch Airport US
14WI Cylon Heliport US
14WS Lakewood Lodge Airport US
14WV Snowshoe Resort/Topof the World Heliport US
14XA Sherman (Frog Pond) Airport US
14XS Isbell Ranch Airport US
15A Mark Reynolds/North Mobile County Airport US
15AK Golden North Airfield US
15AL Highfalls Stagefield Army Heliport US
15AR Taylor Airport US
15AZ Quail Mesa Ranch Airport US
15CA Stanford University Hospital Center Heliport US
15CL Hunt Farms Airport US
15CO Swedish Medical Center Heliport US
15FD Orange Hill Airport US
15FL Cannon Creek Airpark US
15G Weltzien Skypark Airport US
15GA Darla's Airport US
15IA Bellvue Flying Circus Airport US
15ID Scanlon Airport US
15II Findlay Heliport US
15IL Gittleson Farms Airport US
15IN Bugtown Airport US
15KS Sickler Airstrip US
15KY Brennan Farm Airport US
15LA Creole Heliport US
15LL Cloverleaf Ranch Airport US
15LS Port of Iberia Heliport US
15MA Canapitsit Airport US
15ME Eagle Field US
15MI Grant Pad Heliport US
15MN Tyler Farms Airport US
15MO Applegate Airport US
15MT Saubak Airport US
15N Jenkins Airport US
15NC Dragonfly Field US
15NE Sindt Airport US
15NH Nashua Technology Park Heliport US
15NJ Werner Heliport US
15NK Knox Landing Airport US
15NY Peninsula Hospital Center Heliport US
15OH Twin City Hospital Heliport US
15OI Firelands Community Hospital Nr 1 Heliport US
15OK Bluebird Airport US
15OR Camp Rilea Heliport US
15PA Cavage Personal Use Airport US
15PN Metropolitan Edison Heliport US
15PS Jennersville Regional Hospital Heliport US
15S Lester State Ultralightport US
15SD Watertown / Brownlee Heliport US
15TA J R Ranch Airport US
15TE Arco High Island Heliport US
15TN Indian Path Medical Center Heliport US
15TS Owens Country Sausage Heliport US
15TX Ed Shadle Airport US
15VA Fox Acres Airport US
15W Dennis Farms Airport US
15WA Sunset Airport US
15WI Peterson Field US
15XS Toy Airpark US
16A Nunapitchuk Airport US
16AK Gattis Strip US
16AL Hooper Stagefield Army Heliport US
16AR Heifer Creek Ranch Airport US
16AZ Yav'pe Ma'ta Airport US
16CA Police Pistol Range Heliport US
16CL Mother Lode Service Center Heliport US
16CO Dry Pen Airport US
16DE A.I. Dupont Children's Hospital Heliport US
16FA Little Deer Airport US
16FD Skinners Wholesale Nursery Airport US
16FL J-22 Ranch Airport US
16GA Galleria Heliport US
16IA Stangl STOLport US
16ID Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Helipad US
16II Harrington Field US
16IL Harold Bunger Airport US
16IN Deaconess Hospital Heliport US
16IS Kellums Airport US
16K Port Alice Seaplane Base US
16KY Praise God Airport US
16LA Arrow Aviation Company Heliport US
16LL Oak Landing Heliport US
16LS Atchafalaya Flying Company Airport US
16MA Lawrence General Hospital Heliport US
16MD High Valley Airport US
16MI Barnstormers 5 Airport US
16MN Baudette Flying Service Seaplane Base US
16MO Findley Field US
16MS Iuka Hospital Heliport US
16MT Bangart Field US
16NC Lee's Airport US
16NE Korver Airport US
16NH Bossey's Seaplane Base US
16NJ Hummel Seaplane Base US
16NK Delaware Valley Hospital Heliport US
16NY Station 241 Heliport US
16OH Lutheran Hospital Heliport US
16OI Trump Airport US
16OK Lower Forty Airport US
16OR Pape' Bros Inc. Heliport US
16PA Gregg Airport US
16PN Oakdale Army Heliport US
16S Myrtle Creek Municipal Airport US
16SC Southern Aero Sports Airport US
16TA Seven Springs Airport US
16TE Holly Lake Ranch Airport US
16TN Lincoln Medical Center Heliport US
16TS Pineridge STOLport US
16TX Ratliff Airport US
16VA Smith Heliport US
16W Little Goose Lock and Dam Airport US
16WA Tightcliff Airport US
16WI Lac Vieux Desert Seaplane Base US
16X Propwash Airport US
16XS Outlaw Flyers Airport US
16Z Mc Grath Seaplane Base US
17AK Ketchikan /Temsco H/ Heliport US
17AL Hunt Stagefield Army Heliport US
17AR Bredlow Farm Airport US
17AZ Gilbert Emergency Hospital Heliport US
17CA Brookside Hospital Heliport US
17CL Las Trancas Airport US
17CO Skylane Ranch Airport US
17FA Cotton Strip US
17FD Sheriffs Helistop US
17FL Jumbolair-Greystone Airport US
17GA Panther Creek Airport US
17ID Coyote Ridge Airport US
17II Dreessen Field US
17IN Pruss Airport US
17KS Tevis Airport US
17KY Shannon Field US
17LA Shell Venice Terminal Heliport US
17LL Oink Acres Airport US
17LS Yankee Field US
17MA Long Hill Heliport US
17ME Bresett'S Mountainside Airport US
17MI Grace Hospital Heliport US
17MN Jackson Seaplane Base US
17MO Rgl Field US
17MS River Region Medical Center Heliport US
17MT Abel Ranch Airport US
17MU B-B Airfield US
17NC Mitchell Field US
17NE Jefferson County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
17NH Pomroy Heliport US
17NJ New Jersey Steel Helistop US
17NK Re-Dun Field US
17NY Station 233 Heliport US
17OH Kosik Private Airport US
17OI Haas Airport US
17OK J-B Airstrip US
17OR Glide Aero Airport US
17PA Kelly Heliport US
17PN Tobyhanna Army Depot Heliport US
17PS Mountain Crest Airport US
17S Chehalem Airpark US
17SC Carolina Cow Country Airport US
17TA Heli-Dyne Systems Inc Heliport US
17TE Comfort Airpark US
17TN Murphy Field US
17TS Big Bend Regional Medical Center Heliport US
17TX Kimzey Airport US
17U Jake Garn Airport US
17VA F.B. Fowler Heliport US
17WA Roesler Timber Company Heliport US
17WI Ha-Rail Airport US
17XA Jacksonville / Hunter Field US
17XS Quahadi Ranch Airport US
18AK North Douglas Heliport US
18AL Louisville Stagefield Army Heliport US
18AR Buck Mountain Airport US
18AZ Sky Ranch At Carefree Airport US
18CA Twin Cities Community Hospital Heliport US
18CL Bowles Airport US
18CO Rangely District Hospital Heliport US
18FA Tropical Plantation Airport US
18FD Skypark Estates Owners Assoc Airport US
18FL Bahia Beach Heliport US
18GA Sleepy Hollow Airport US
18ID Elmore Medical Center Heliport US
18II Mc Gill Airport US
18IL Amita Health Medical Center La Grange Heliport US
18IN Kester Fly Inn Airport US
18IS Allstate South Barrington Plaza Heliport US
18JY Skamokawa East Valley Airport US
18K Fowler Airport US
18KS Cherokee Strip US
18KY Marshall County Hospital Heliport US
18LA Camp Beauregard Army National Guard Heliport US
18LS Omni Mouton Cove Heliport US
18MA Holy Family Hospital Heliport US
18MD Montgomery General Hospital Airport US
18ME Ruby Airport US
18MI Vacottage Heliport US
18MN Hines Farm Airport US
18MO Gimlin Airport US
18MT Fish Ranch Airport US
18NC Lanni Field US
18NE Doc's Airport US
18NJ Manalapan Township-Village Green Heliport US
18NY Strip in the Woods Airport US
18OH Jer-Mar Airpark US
18OI Boggy Bottoms Airport US
18OK Comanche County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
18OR Red's Field US
18PA Slack Airport US
18PN Spud View Airport US
18SC Connelly Field US
18TA West Kerr Ranch Airport US
18TE Alert Field US
18TN North Valley Medical Center Heliport US
18TS Brackenridge Hospital Heliport US
18TX Flying 'T' Ranch Airport US
18VA English Heliport US
18VT Springfield Hospital Heliport US
18WA Pasco Heliport US
18WI Leach Farms Heliport US
18WV Lynn Airport US
18XA Lantana Ridge Airport US
18XS Gardner Farm Airport US
18Y Milaca Municipal Airport US
19AK Icy Bay Airport US
19AL Molinelli Stagefield Army Heliport US
19AR Naylor field US
19AZ Montezuma Airport US
19CA Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital Heliport US
19CL Palisades Ranch Airport US
19CO Memorial Hospital Heliport US
19FD Osceola Sheriff's Ofc - Bronson Hwy Heliport US
19FL The Villages Heliport US
19GA Willow Pond Aviation Inc Airport US
19IA Ancam Antique Airfield US
19ID Race Creek Heliport US
19II Henry County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
19IL Eagle Pass Airport US
19IN Clark Airport US
19IS Skillet Fork Farm Airport US
19KS Schultz Field US
19KY Conrads Airport US
19LA Region 1 Headquarters-State Police Heliport US
19LL Neiner Airport US
19LS Riverside Medical Center Heliport US
19MA Waine Heliport US
19MI Mecosta County General Hospital Heliport US
19MO North Patrol Div Station Heliport US
19MT N Bar Ranch Airport US
19NC Double S Airport US
19ND Breckheimer Airport US
19NE Hoyt Airport US
19NH Lorden Ii Heliport US
19NJ American Cyanamid Helistop US
19NK Riveredge Airpark US
19NY Four Seasons Airport US
19OH Harris Corn Field US
19OI Airc Helistop US
19OK Gerhart Airport US
19OR Nelson Ranch Airport US
19P Port Protection Seaplane Base US
19PA Lake Airport US
19PN Spooky Nook Heliport US
19SC Sexton Airport US
19T Tan Tar A Resort Seaplane Base US
19TA Lagrone Ranch Airport US
19TE Cut and Shoot Airport US
19TN Ferraraccio Field US
19TS Kvue-Tv Heliport US
19TX Woody Mc Clellan Ranch Airport US
19VA Flying W Airport US
19WA Key Way Airport US
19WI Erickson Field US
19XS Draggintail Acres Airport US
1A1 Green Acres Airport US
1A2 Arthur Airport US
1A8 Empire Airport US
1AK0 Craig Cg Heliport US
1AK1 Crevice Creek Airport US
1AK2 Crosswind Lake Airport US
1AK4 Kenai River Airpark US
1AK5 Offshore Systems-Kenai Heliport US
1AK6 Talachulitna River Airport US
1AK7 Valdez Hospital Heliport US
1AK8 Talaheim Airport US
1AK9 Tundra Copter Heliport US
1AL0 Boaz-Albertville Medical Center Heliport US
1AL1 Decatur General Hospital Heliport US
1AL2 Tri-L Acres Airport US
1AL3 Russell Lands Heliport US
1AL4 Elsanor Airport US
1AL5 Berry Field US
1AL6 Monroe County Hospital Heliport US
1AL7 Business Center of Alabama Heliport US
1AL8 Moore Field US
1AL9 Lake Tuscaloosa Seaplane Base US
1AR0 Breckenridge Airport US
1AR1 Walls Airport US
1AR2 Taylor Airstrip US
1AR3 Bob Norman Airstrip US
1AR4 Foggy River Airport US
1AR5 Cherokee Strip US
1AR6 Diamond Bluff Airport US
1AR7 Wadley Regional Medical Center at Hope Heliport US
1AR8 Flying W Air Park Inc Airport US
1AR9 Country Air Estates Airport US
1AZ0 Mobile Airport US
1AZ1 Boulais Heliport US
1AZ2 Paradise Air Park US
1AZ3 Arizona State Prison - Safford Heliport US
1AZ4 Schuff Aviation Heliport US
1AZ5 Redman Residence Heliport US
1AZ6 Pulice Construction Heliport US
1AZ7 S R P Tolleson Center Heliport US
1AZ8 Willow Springs Ranch Airport US
1B3 Fair Haven Municipal Airport US
1B5 Franconia Airport US
1B8 Chapin Field US
1C3 Argyle Airport US
1C4 Raintree Seaplane Base US
1C8 Cottonwood Airport US
1C9 Frazier Lake Airpark US
1CA0 Boeing Santa Susana Heliport US
1CA1 Belridge Strip US
1CA2 Sunrise One Heliport US
1CA3 G S A Laguna Niguel G/L Helistop US
1CA4 Aha-Quin Airport US
1CA5 California Title Building Heliport US
1CA6 On the Rocks Airport US
1CA7 L. A. Times Costa Mesa Heliport US
1CA8 R I Science Center Helistop US
1CA9 Los Angeles County Fire Department Heliport US
1CD0 Murphy Heliport US
1CD1 Reed Airport US
1CD2 Tonga Airport US
1CD4 Eagle Soaring Airport US
1CD5 Rio Grande Hospital Heliport US
1CL0 William Archibald Heliport US
1CL1 Little Buttes Antique Airfield US
1CL2 Pontious Airport US
1CL3 Alameda County Parking Garage Heliport US
1CL4 Uci Medical Center Heliport US
1CL5 Pomerado Hospital Heliport US
1CL6 Lake Park Helistop US
1CL8 Marian Medical Center Heliport US
1CL9 Sfi-Vernon Heliport US
1CO0 Aurora Regional Medical Center Heliport US
1CO1 Mount Morrison Heliport US
1CO2 Williams Ranch Airport US
1CO3 Bellmore Farms Airport US
1CO4 Clifford Field US
1CO5 Melon Field US
1CO6 Lands End Microwave Heliport US
1CO7 Dodsworth Airport US
1CO8 Everitt Airport US
1CO9 MCHD Heliport US
1CT0 Norden Systems Heliport US
1CT2 Yale New Haven Hospital Heliport US
1CT3 St Mary's Heliport US
1D2 Canton-Plymouth-Mettetal Airport US
1D4 Mayfield Airport US
1D5 Luther Airport US
1D6 Hector Municipal Airport US
1DE5 Mckeown Airport US
1DS Dry Swamp Airport US
1F1 Lake Murray State Park Airport US
1F2 Plateau Sky Ranch Airport US
1F6 Dolgeville Airport US
1F7 Airpark East Airport US
1FA1 Post Oak Ranch Airport US
1FA3 Pine Island Airport US
1FA5 Palmetto General Hospital Heliport US
1FA9 Villa Char Mar Airport US
1FD0 Lawrence Airport US
1FD2 Bass Limited Airport US
1FD3 Jfk Medical Center Heliport US
1FD4 Corkscrew Trace Airpark US
1FD5 Miami Herald Heliport US
1FD6 Paines Prairie Heliport US
1FD7 Pga National Heliport US
1FD8 Memorial Hospital-Flagler Helistop US
1FL0 Garner Landing Seaplane Base US
1FL1 America's Chopper Pilots Heliport US
1FL2 Lake City Medical Center Heliport US
1FL3 Z Ranch Airport US
1FL4 NBC 6 (WTVJ) Heliport US
1FL5 West Bay Creek Seaplane Base US
1FL6 Sheriff's North Multi District Office Heliport US
1FL7 Barton Regional Medical Center Heliport US
1FL8 Cape Canaveral Hospital Heliport US
1FL9 Hendry County Fire-Ems Heliport US
1G6 Michael Airfield US
1G8 Eddie Dew Memorial Airpark US
1GA0 Eagle Neck Airport US
1GA1 Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Heliport US
1GA2 Flying N Estates Airport US
1GA3 Union General Hospital Heliport US
1GA4 Southern Agricultural Aviation Airport US
1GA5 Shilo Farms Airport US
1GA6 De De Airport US
1GA7 Adams Heliport US
1GA8 South One Ten Airport US
1GA9 Aerie Airport US
1GE1 Georgia Mountain Heliport US
1GE2 C & W Air Park US
1GE3 Answered Prayer Airport US
1GE4 Beckley Farms Airport US
1GE5 Flying D Airport US
1GE6 Forestry-Strip Airport US
1GE7 Hay Field US
1GE8 Grady Memorial Hospital Heliport US
1GE9 Waverly Landing Airport US
1H1 Airlane Enterprises Airport US
1H4 Greenville-Rainbow Airport US
1H6 Harvey Young Airport US
1H9 Nest of Eagles Airport US
1I1 Marcy Field US
1I3 Shawnee Field US
1I6 Holiday Inn Lakeview Heliport US
1I8 Converse Airport US
1I9 Delphi Municipal Airport US
1IA0 Brown Truck Sales Airport US
1IA2 Camp Tahigwa Landing Site Heliport US
1IA3 Spencer Municipal Hospital Heliport US
1IA4 Wallace Field US
1IA5 Sch Heliport US
1IA6 Aero-Lane Airport US
1IA7 University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinic Heliport US
1IA9 Newbrough Airport US
1ID2 Horseshoe Bend Heliport US
1ID3 Beaux Ranch Field US
1ID4 Red Baron Airpark US
1ID5 St Luke's Wood River Medical Center Heliport US
1ID6 Sligars Landing Heliport US
1ID7 Fairbanks Airfield US
1ID8 Gooding County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
1ID9 Skyline STOLport US
1II0 Webster Airport US
1II2 Adams Airport US
1II3 Davis Airport US
1II4 Amy Airport US
1II5 Van De Mark Airport US
1II6 St Mary's Medical Center Heliport US
1II7 Parkview Memorial Hospital Heliport US
1II8 Morris Airport US
1IL0 Barnstorm Field US
1IL1 Horsefeathers Ranch Airport US
1IL2 Hobby Hideaway RLA Airport US
1IL3 Alton Memorial Hospital Heliport US
1IL4 Heitman Aerdrome Airport US
1IL6 Bally's Strip US
1IL7 Gearhart-Hollow Heliport US
1IL8 Loy Airport US
1IL9 Holland Field US
1IN0 Belknap-Icarus Acres Airport US
1IN1 Shearer STOLport US
1IN2 Meharry Ag Service Heliport US
1IN3 Confer's Place Airport US
1IN4 Robinson Airpark US
1IN5 Bottoms Brothers Airport US
1IN6 Cottingham Airport US
1IN7 Lake Wawasee Seaplane Base US
1IS0 Harold Emmerich Airport US
1IS2 Triple Creek Airport US
1IS3 Cribbet Airport US
1IS4 Swan Valley Farm Airport US
1IS5 Walder's Farm Airport US
1IS7 Ingersoll Heliport US
1IS8 Sword's Heliport US
1J9 Fort Walton Beach Airport US
1JY1 Newark/Jersey Street Heliport US
1JY2 Mahogany Mtn. Airport US
1JY3 Mbna Heliport US
1JY4 Hamilton Headquarter Troop C Heliport US
1JY5 Morey's Heliport US
1K1 Lloyd Stearman Field US
1K3 Hamilton Field US
1K5 Waynoka Municipal Airport US
1K6 Ellinwood Municipal Airport US
1K8 South Grand Lake Regional Airport US
1KC Kalakaket Creek AS Airport US
1KS0 Huey Airport US
1KS1 Cochran Airport US
1KS2 Risky Airport US
1KS3 Leo's Place STOLport US
1KS4 Prichard Airstrip US
1KS5 Keyser Airport US
1KS6 Silers Plane Valley Airport US
1KS7 Hitch Feeders Ii Inc. Airport US
1KS8 Buehler Airport US
1KS9 Huff Airport US
1KT9 Holcomb Field US
1KY0 Sof Maintenance Site Heliport US
1KY1 Hardin Memorial Hospital Heliport US
1KY2 Community Methodist Hospital Heliport US
1KY3 Monroe County Medical Center Heliport US
1KY4 Central Baptist Hospital Heliport US
1KY5 Switch Pad Heliport US
1KY6 Haggin Heliport US
1KY7 Jordan Hill Farm Airport US
1KY8 Norton Audubon Hospital Heliport US
1L4 Kidwell Airport US
1LA0 Ken Guidry Nr 2 Airport US
1LA1 Triche Field US
1LA2 Phi Harahan Heliport US
1LA3 Goose Island Airport US
1LA4 Bayou Fourchon Seaplane Base US
1LA5 Morrow Strip US
1LA6 Highland Hospital Heliport US
1LA7 Savoy Medical Center Heliport US
1LA8 S.Fresh Water Bayou Heliport US
1LA9 Chevron Intracoastal Heliport US
1LL0 Boondox Field US
1LL1 Lawrence Co Memorial Hospital Heliport US
1LL2 Spring Brook Airport US
1LL4 Sies Landing Area Airport US
1LL6 Janssen Airport US
1LL7 Edwin G. Bennett Airport US
1LL8 Zoomer Field US
1LL9 Reyhan Heliport US
1LS0 Cal Mire Field US
1LS1 Cosmar Styrene Plant Heliport US
1LS2 Innis Community Health Center Heliport US
1LS5 Cameron Airstrip US
1LS8 Summerell Airport US
1M3 Ardmore Airport US
1M7 Fulton Airport US
1M8 Myricks Airport US
1MA0 Jordan Hospital Heliport US
1MA1 Deaconess Nashoba Hospital Heliport US
1MA2 UMASS Memorial Medical Center-Univ Campus Heliport US
1MA4 Wang Heliport US
1MA5 Unknown Field US
1MA6 Micron Heliport US
1MA7 Long Hill Orchard Heliport US
1MA8 Horizon Hill Heliport US
1MA9 Morton Hospital Heliport US
1MD0 Clng Cove Point Heliport US
1MD1 Big Oak Farm Airport US
1MD3 Krastel Farms Airport US
1MD4 Prince George's Hospital Center Heliport US
1MD5 Federal Support Center Heliport US
1MD6 Metroplex Heliport US
1MD7 Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Heliport US
1MD8 Mayberry Run Airport US
1MD9 Washington County Hospital Heliport US
1ME Chesuncook Lake House Seaplane Base US
1ME1 Victor Heliport US
1MI0 Ashman Island Seaplane Base US
1MI1 Nikkila Farms Airport US
1MI2 Guardian Industries Heliport US
1MI3 Black River Ranch Airport US
1MI4 Ramsy Farm Airport US
1MI5 Mckenzie's Landing Airport US
1MI6 Rosedale Airport US
1MI7 Thompson Airport US
1MI8 Vlachos Acres Airport US
1MI9 Southfork Airport US
1MN0 Wetherbee Farm Airport US
1MN1 Beyer Airport US
1MN2 Hay Acres Airport US
1MN3 Northern Itasca Health Care Center Heliport US
1MN4 Krueger Loon Lake Seaplane Base US
1MN5 Molnau Airpark US
1MN6 Cook Hospital Heliport US
1MN7 Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Heliport US
1MN8 Sky Harbor Residential Airpark US
1MN9 Sanford Jackson Medical Center Heliport US
1MO1 St Joseph Hospital Heliport US
1MO2 Hart Airport US
1MO3 Lake Viking Airport US
1MO4 Longwood Mfg Corp Airport US
1MO6 Double S Ranch Airport US
1MO7 Hines Airport US
1MO8 Sherlock Field US
1MO9 Eagle's Point & Red Barn Village Airpark US
1MS0 Tapley Airport US
1MS1 Neshoba General Hospital Heliport US
1MS2 Peterson Airport US
1MS3 Baptist Medical Center Attala Heliport US
1MS4 Methodist Medical Center Heliport US
1MS5 General Dan C Mills Emergency Heliport US
1MS6 Eagles Ridge Airport US
1MS7 Smith County General Hospital Heliport US
1MS8 Columbus Air Force Base Aux Field Airfield US
1MS9 Piker-Too Airport US
1MT0 Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Airport US
1MT1 Krinitt Helicopters Heliport US
1MT2 Skyrider Ultralightport US
1MT3 Wood Strip US
1MT4 Davis Airport US
1MT5 Holy Rosary Heliport US
1MT6 Bobcat Field US
1MT7 Prill Field US
1MT8 St. James Heliport US
1MT9 Wilcox Airport US
1MU0 Medcalf Field US
1MU1 Lake Taney Como Seaplane Base US
1MU2 Smitty's Landing Airport US
1MU3 Putnam County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
1MU4 Short Air Airport US
1MU5 Grace G Shepard Memorial Heliport US
1MU6 Simerly Airport US
1MU7 Mooseberry Airport US
1MU8 Church's Landing Airport US
1MU9 Nielsens Medical Evac Heliport US
1MY1 Carlson Agricultural Airport US
1N2 Spadaro Airport US
1N3 Albert Airport US
1N5 Bennett Airport US
1NA0 Bohn Airstrip US
1NA5 Gienger/Box Bar Ranch Airport US
1NA8 Preszler Airstrip US
1NA9 Myran Airstrip US
1NC0 Delk's Airport US
1NC1 Ron's Ultralight Field US
1NC2 Atwell Airport US
1NC3 Fletcher's Airport US
1NC4 Bell Strip US
1NC5 Riley Field US
1NC6 Arant Airport US
1NC8 Lonesome Field US
1NC9 Northbrook International Ultraport Ultralightport US
1ND3 Andvik Airport US
1ND4 Walkinshaw Airport US
1ND7 Dittmer Airport US
1NE0 Higgins Bros Airport US
1NE1 Paul Ridder Ranch Airport US
1NE2 Witthuhn Airport US
1NE5 Sibbernsen Airport US
1NE6 Miller Airstrip US
1NJ0 Jersey Turnpike Heliport US
1NJ1 Rutger's Helistop Sec. A & B Heliport US
1NJ2 New Brunswick Gas Distn Heliport US
1NJ3 Sea Air Atlantic City Seaplane Base US
1NJ4 Rutgers Helistop Nr 1 Heliport US
1NJ5 Milana Heliport US
1NJ6 Idylease Helistop US
1NJ7 Skytop Farms Heliport US
1NJ8 Scardo's Heliport US
1NJ9 Air Tractor Heliport US
1NK0 Roxbury Runway Airport US
1NK1 Stone Ridge Heliport US
1NK2 Oneida City Hospital Heliport US
1NK3 Troy Armory Heliport US
1NK4 Wagstaff Heliport US
1NK5 Westtown Airport US
1NK6 Catalano Airfield US
1NK7 Boonville Inc Airport US
1NK8 Chenango Bridge Airport US
1NK9 Huntington Emergency Helistop US
1NM0 Me-Own Airport US
1NV1 Fallon Southwest Airpark US
1NV2 Lake Las Vegas Heliport US
1NY0 Woodlawn Beach State Park Heliport US
1NY2 Kidder Field US
1NY3 Richland Airpark US
1NY4 High Banks Farm Landing Area Airport US
1NY5 Sherman Field US
1NY6 Tgp-249 Heliport US
1NY7 Minard Farms Airport US
1NY8 Killian Airfield US
1NY9 Caughdenoy Airport US
1O0 Lake Woahink Seaplane Base US
1O6 Dunsmuir Muni-Mott Airport US
1OA1 Bashore Airport US
1OA2 Mole Airport US
1OA3 Barnett Airpark US
1OA4 Kepes Flying Field US
1OA5 Double J Airport US
1OA6 Frith Airport US
1OA7 Yoder Airport US
1OA8 Erdy Farm Airport US
1OH0 Clinton Memorial Hospital Heliport US
1OH1 S and S Field US
1OH2 Dougherty Airport US
1OH3 Mather Field US
1OH4 Fortman Airport US
1OH5 Minit-Men Inc Heliport US
1OH6 Odot Heliport US
1OH7 Derry Landing Strip US
1OH8 Lisbon Airfield US
1OH9 Lewis Airport US
1OI0 Manairco Heliport US
1OI1 Pauls Airport US
1OI4 Som Jackson Heliport US
1OI6 Stone Airport US
1OI7 Knight Airport US
1OI9 Mc Colloch's Airport US
1OK0 Neversweat Airport US
1OK1 Dave's Place Airport US
1OK2 Wyatt Airport US
1OK3 Wolfe Field Airport US
1OK4 Mc Curtain Memorial Hospital Heliport US
1OK5 Hohman Airport US
1OK6 Stamper Ranch Airport US
1OK7 Grimes Airport US
1OK8 5B Ranch Airport US
1OK9 Hankins Airport US
1OL2 Steciak Strip US
1OR0 Sunnyhill Airport US
1OR1 Chehalem Mountain Heliport US
1OR2 Menasha Pad Heliport US
1OR3 Sunset Air Strip US
1OR4 North Plains Gliderport US
1OR5 Reed Airport US
1OR6 Clackamas Heights Airport US
1OR7 Skyhill Airport US
1OR8 Clackamas County Redsoils Heliport US
1OR9 Willamette Falls Community Hospital Heliport US
1P1 Plymouth Municipal Airport US
1PA0 Hinaman Acres Airport US
1PA1 401 City Avenue Heliport US
1PA2 St Christopher's Hospital For Children Heliport US
1PA3 Ridgeview Airport US
1PA4 Wagner Airport US
1PA5 Beaver Creek Ultralightport US
1PA6 Whittle Airport US
1PA7 Philmont Heliport US
1PA8 Motola's Helicopter Service Inc. Heliport US
1PA9 Schadels Airport US
1PN0 Bentley Airport US
1PN1 Napodano Airport US
1PN2 Green Hills Corp Heliport US
1PR3 San Patricio Heliport PR
1PS0 Ickes Airport US
1PS1 Hermitage Central Fire Station Heliport US
1PS3 P J Valves Heliport US
1PS4 Sankey Airport US
1PS5 Children's Hospital Heliport US
1PS6 Frankford Hospital-Torresdale Division Heliport US
1PS7 Hahnemann Heliport US
1PS8 Punxsutawney Area Hospital Heliport US
1PS9 Wicker & Wings Aerodrome US
1Q1 Eckert Field US
1Q5 Gravelly Valley Airport US
1RL Point Roberts Airpark US
1S1 Eckhart International Airport US
1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport US
1S4 Seiling Airport US
1S6 Priest River Municipal Airport US
1S7 Slate Creek Airport US
1S8 Arlington Municipal Airport US
1SC2 Gwinn Field US
1SD0 Dorsey Ranch Airport US
1SD1 Burke Field US
1SD2 Camp Rapid Heliport US
1SD3 Turkey Ridge Airport US
1SD4 Vig Limousin Airport US
1SD5 Drake Farm Airport US
1SD6 Bogner No Ii Airport US
1SD7 Rosebud Comprehensive Health Care Facility Heliport US
1SD8 Tribitt Airport US
1SD9 Sanford Usd Medical Center Heliport US
1T8 Bulverde Airpark US
1T9 Lesikar Ranch Airport US
1TA0 Fina Bayport Heliport US
1TA1 Tgp 32 Heliport US
1TA2 Vigo Park Airport US
1TA3 D W C Heliport US
1TA4 Last Resort Airport US
1TA5 Two Leggs Airport US
1TA6 Morningstar Ranch Heliport US
1TA7 Thompson Field US
1TA9 Ktrk Tv Station Heliport US
1TE0 Locker Brothers Airport US
1TE1 Briscoes Catarina Ranch Airport US
1TE2 Flying F Ranch Airport US
1TE3 Bolton Airport US
1TE4 Zuehl Airport US
1TE5 Corpora Airport US
1TE6 Moore Airport US
1TE7 Ray Farm Airport US
1TE8 Kahuna Bay Airport US
1TE9 Rmr Ranch Airport US
1TN0 Cedar Crest Field US
1TN1 Clayton Heliport US
1TN2 Kay Airport US
1TN3 Wagner Field US
1TN4 Methodist Healthcare Heliport US
1TN5 Maury Regional Hospital Heliport US
1TN6 Higdon Airfield US
1TN7 Brendle's Heliport US
1TN8 Ramada Helistop US
1TN9 Rutledge Falls Heliport US
1TS0 Eagle Air Airport US
1TS1 Laas Farm Airport US
1TS2 Bar 16 Airport US
1TS3 B & S Ultralightport US
1TS4 Eds Hangar Heliport US
1TS5 Sugar Grove Heliport US
1TS6 Dentonio Ranch Airport US
1TS7 Cig 804 Heliport US
1TS8 Landers Ranch Airport US
1TS9 Four Winds Airport US
1TX0 Lytle Airpark US
1TX1 Yoakum Airport US
1TX2 J Y Ranch-R B Masterson Iii Estate Airport US
1TX3 Beggs Ranch Airport US
1TX4 Shoreline Ranch Airport US
1TX5 Laney Farm Airport US
1TX6 Muxworthy Airport US
1TX7 Killion Ranch Airport US
1TX8 Hart Aerial Airport US
1TX9 Hawk Ranch Airport US
1U0 Bear Trap Airport US
1U1 Moose Creek /US Forest Service/ Airport US
1U3 Murphy Airport US
1U4 New Meadows Airport US
1U6 Oakley Municipal Airport US
1U9 Pine Airport US
1UT9 Tri-Arc Heliport US
1VA0 Sabot Airport US
1VA1 Micro Airport US
1VA2 Lewis Gale Clinic Inc. Heliport US
1VA3 Tye River Airport US
1VA4 Evergreen Heliport US
1VA5 Hoffman's Farm Airport US
1VA7 Aaron Penston Field US
1VA8 Hazelswart Airport US
1VA9 Flying T Farm Airport US
1VG2 Whithall Farm Airport US
1W0 J-Z Airport US
1W1 Grove Field US
1W3 Mexico Farms Airport US
1W5 [Duplicate] Hoby Wolf Airport US
1WA0 Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Heliport US
1WA1 Weber Point Heliport US
1WA2 Pilot's Pastures Airport US
1WA3 Calkins Equipment Company Heliport US
1WA4 Providence Regional Medical Center Everett Pacific Campus Heliport US
1WA5 General Hospital of Everett Heliport US
1WA6 Fall City Airport US
1WA7 Raincreek Heliport US
1WA8 Madigan Hospital Heliport US
1WA9 Friday West Airport US
1WF Waco Field US
1WI0 Spring Valley Farm Airport US
1WI1 Williams Airport US
1WI2 Flying S Ranch Airport US
1WI3 Bed-Ah-Wick Field US
1WI4 Johnson Wax Heliport US
1WI5 Beaver Dam Lake Seaplane Base US
1WI6 Aero Estates Airport US
1WI7 Buzzards Roost Airport US
1WI8 Jorgensen - Stoller Airport US
1WI9 Blackhawk Island Airport US
1WN0 Schmidt Ranch Airport US
1WN1 Kettle Moraine Airport US
1WN2 Covered Bridge Fields Airport US
1WN3 Danielson Field Airport US
1WN5 Simons Airfield US
1WT6 Overlake Hospital EMS Heliport US
1WV0 Potomac Valley Hospital Heliport US
1XA0 Rab Ranch Airport US
1XA1 Sky Acres Airport US
1XA2 Chase Field Industrial Airport US
1XA3 Christus Spohn South Heliport US
1XA4 Mikeska Field US
1XA5 Flying Armadillo Field US
1XA6 Tailwheel Acres Airport US
1XA7 Gloster Aerodrome US
1XA8 Hackberry Airport US
1XA9 Life Flight North Fuel Heliport US
1XS0 Double U Ranch Airport US
1XS1 Dunham Field US
1XS2 Skye Dance Airport US
1XS3 John Peter Smith Health Network Heliport US
1XS4 Barton Field US
1XS5 Austin Diagnostic Medical Center Heliport US
1XS6 Hillcrest Baptist Hospital Heliport US
1XS7 Heath Canyon Airport US
1XS8 Pinon Ranch Airport US
1XS9 Beefmaster's Best Airport US
1Y3 Judge Lewis Field Mt Ayr Municipal Airport US
1Y5 New Hampton Municipal Airport US
1Y9 Paullina Municipal Airport US
1Z1 Grand Canyon Bar Ten Airstrip US
1Z9 Ellamar Seaplane Base US
2,00E Cackleberry Airport US
20AK Owen Field US
20AL Runkle Stagefield Army Heliport US
20AR Rak Airport US
20AZ Eds Field US
20CA Clayton Heliport US
20CL Mysterious Valley Airport US
20CO Lookout Center Rooftop Heliport US
20CT Global Development Facility Heliport US
20E Maricopa Medical Center Heliport US
20FA Golden Land Ranch Airport US
20FD Pratt Airport US
20FL Lake Suzy Estates Airport US
20GA Earl L. Small Jr. Field/Stockmar Airport US
20ID Harrington Airport US
20II Kay Air Airport US
20IL Palos Community Hospital Heliport US
20IN Canary's Airport US
20IS Mitek Airport US
20K Quail Creek Airport US
20KS Airpark Estates Airport US
20KY Madi's Meadows Airport US
20LA Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center Heliport US
20LL Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Heliport US
20LS Clark Field US
20MA Wcvb-Tv Heliport US
20MD Anne Arundel Medical Center Heliport US
20ME Jerry Douglass Heliport US
20MI Hawks Landing Heliport US
20MO Royal Wood Aerodrome US
20MT Prevost Airport US
20NC Mountain View Airport US
20ND Crooked Lake Airstrip US
20NE Bryan Memorial Hospital Heliport US
20NJ Liberty National Golf Club Heliport US
20NY Stafford Airport US
20OH Kruggel Airport US
20OI Medcenter Hospital Heliport US
20OK Will and Wiley's Aerodrome US
20OR Warner's Airport US
20PA Reichdrill Heliport US
20PN Msd Landing Area Heliport US
20SC O Neal Field US
20TA Mag Drop Airport US
20TE Reece Ranch Airport US
20TN Knox County Sheriffs Office Heliport US
20TS Bains Private Airport US
20TX Peterson Regional Medical Center Heliport US
20VA Woodford Airpark US
20VG Hawk Ridge Airport US
20WA Skatter Creek Airport US
20WI Harju Airport US
20XS Klutts Field US
21AK Montana Creek Airport US
21AL Skelly Stagefield Army Heliport US
21AR Skarda/Tollville Airport US
21AZ White Mountain Lake Airport US
21CA Area Energy Llc Heliport US
21CL Sheriff's Heliport US
21CO Lookout Center Parking Lot Heliport US
21FA Rockledge Airport US
21FD Land's Field US
21FL Kings Field US
21GA Piedmont Hospital-Newnan Heliport US
21GE Deer Crossing Airport US
21H Skyline Seaplane Base US
21ID Nordman / Phillabaum Heliport US
21II The King's Daughters' Heliport US
21IL Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center Heliport US
21IN Minneman Airport US
21JY Soaring Sun Seaplane Base US
21KS St Francis Hospital & Medical Center Heliport US
21KY Lincoln Farm Airport US
21LA Southern Helicopters Airport US
21LS Solitude Airstrip US
21M Currier's Seaplane Base US
21MA Advance Materials Corp Heliport US
21MI Adams Heliport US
21MN Amundson Seaplane Base US
21MO Martins Airport US
21MU The Peninsula Airport US
21N Mattituck Airport US
21NC Isbell Heliport US
21ND Rosenau Airport US
21NE Byron Airport US
21NH Propwash Airport US
21NJ Bergen County Police & Fire Academy Heliport US
21NK Don Kichote Airport US
21NY Gautieri Heliport US
21OG Ames Airport US
21OH Lodi Community Hospital Heliport US
21OI Clearwater Airpark US
21OK Triad Eye Medical Clinic Heliport US
21OR Katu Heliport US
21PA Ryon Heliport US
21PN Carlisle Regional Medical Center US
21SC Graham Airport US
21TA Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Heliport US
21TE Seaberg Ranch Airport US
21TN Ray's Stall Airport US
21TS Baycoast Medical Center Heliport US
21TX Shilling's Airport US
21VA Eagles Nest Airport US
21W Ranger Creek Airport US
21WA St Joseph Community Hospital Heliport US
21WI Hudson Hospital & Clinic Heliport US
21XS Houston Airpark US
22AK Helmericks Airport US
22AL Stinson Stagefield Army Heliport US
22AR Willow Creek Women's Hospital Heliport US
22AZ Western Arizona Regional Medical Center Heliport US
22CA Commodore Center Seaplane Base US
22CD Platte Valley Medical Center Heliport US
22CL Double Tree Farm Airport US
22CN ABC-TV Heliport US
22CO Flying E Airport US
22D Bandel Airport US
22FA Hidden River Airport US
22FD Destin Emergency Care Center Heliport US
22FL Farm Air Service Airport US
22GA Riverside Airport US
22GE Hawks Ridge Heliport US
22ID Treasure Gulch Airport US
22II Lewis Airport US
22IL Heller Airport US
22IN Mooney Field US
22IS Johnson Farm Airport US
22JY Hess State Street Heliport US
22KS St Francis Regional Medical Center Heliport US
22KY Churchill Downs Heliport US
22LA Wd Flyers Airport US
22LL Pike's Airport US
22LS Couvillion Airport US
22MA Poole's Heliport US
22MD Laura's Landing Airport US
22MI Munson Medical Center Heliport US
22MN Eastmans Medicine Lake Seaplane Base US
22MO Belly Acres Ranch Airport US
22MS Sky Landings Airport US
22MT Wounded Buck Ranch Airport US
22NA Davis Regional Heliport US
22NC Flying Dove Field US
22NE Grone Airport US
22NJ Our Lady's Heliport US
22NK Alstar North Heliport US
22NR Bully Field US
22NY Troop A Headquarters Heliport US
22OG Withrotor Airport US
22OH Galenstein Park Heliport US
22OI Giovannone Airport US
22OK Smith Field US
22OR Iron Crown Airport US
22PA Uniontown Hospital Heliport US
22PN St. Joseph Medical Center Heliport US
22PS Montrose High School Heliport US
22SC Spartanburg Regional Medical Center Heliport US
22TA Standard Industries Airport US
22TE Fenner Ranch Airport US
22TN Julkev Heliport US
22TS Gray Steel Heliport US
22TX South Austin Medical Center Heliport US
22VA Wythe County Community Hospital Heliport US
22VG Alpha Natural Resources Llc Heliport US
22WA Gollehon Airport US
22WI Community Memorial Hospital Heliport US
22WN Southwind Airport US
22WV Grafton City Hospital Heliport US
22WY Kissack/Reynolds Airport US
22XA General Plumbing Contractors Heliport US
22XS Longhorn Aux Landing Strip US
22Y Morey's Airport US
23A Mallard Airport US
23AK Yuknis Airport US
23AL Tabernacle Stagefield Army Heliport US
23AR Classic Airstrip US
23AZ Moreton Airpark US
23CA Lefko Airport US
23CD Aviation Acres Airport US
23CL L A Co Mens Detention Cntr-Main Jail Heliport US
23CN Douthitt Strip US
23CO High Mesa Airport US
23CT Blanchette Heliport US
23D Karlstad Municipal Airport US
23DE Full Throttle Farm Airport US
23FA Doral Ocean Beach Resort Heliport US
23FD Scott 2000 Airport US
23FL Gyro Town Usa STOLport US
23GA Hartrampf Heliport US
23GE Lt Landing Airport US
23IA Shenandoah Hospital Heliport US
23ID Southfork Airport US
23IL Alexian Brothers Medical Center Heliport US
23IN J W Riley Hospital For Children Heliport US
23IS Clark Airport US
23JY The Plant Place Heliport US
23KS Ney Airport US
23KY Barnes Farm Airport US
23LA Warner-Thunder Hill Airport US
23LL Rotor Swing Heliport US
23LS Midstream Cameron East Heliport US
23MA Westford Regency Heliport US
23MD Breezecroft Seaplane Base US
23ME Dyer's Field US
23MI Betsie River Airstrip US
23MN High Grove Airport US
23MO Oerke Enterprises Airport US
23MT Waterfall Airport US
23N Bayport Aerodrome US
23NC Duplin General Hospital Heliport US
23ND Minnkota Private Airport US
23NE Stromsburg Municipal Airport US
23NH Windswept Airport US
23NJ Alliance Airport US
23NK Long Acre Farms Airport US
23NR Whitfield'S East Airport US
23NY Jolamtra Landing Area Airport US
23OA Dade Field US
23OH Kettering-Samaritan Health Center Heliport US
23OI Associated Enterprises Heliport US
23OK Mash Heliport US
23OR Saxon's Heliport US
23PA Cedar Acres Private Group Airport US
23PN Clearfield Hospital Heliport US
23S Seeley Lake Airport US
23TA Rowland R Airfield US
23TE Texas Regional Medical Center Heliport US
23TS Bertani Ranch Airport US
23TX The Grove/Ranch Airport US
23VA Wheatland Airport US
23VG Murdock's Holly Bu Airport US
23VT North Windham Airport US
23WA Bcag - Frederickson Heliport US
23WI Black River Memorial Hospital Heliport US
23WN Willie's Airport US
23WS Columbia St Mary's Heliport US
23WV Bocamanu Airport US
23WY St John'S Medical Center Heliport US
23XA East Texas Medical Center Clarksville Heliport US
23XS Shorthorn Aux Landing Strip US
23Y Murdock Municipal Airport US
24AK Toad Lake Strip US
24AL Toth Stagefield Army Heliport US
24AR Griffin Agricultural Airport US
24AZ Pleasant Valley Airstrip US
24C Lowell City Airport US
24CA Mesa Heliport US
24CD Michigan River Ranch Heliport US
24CL Salyer Farms Airport US
24CN R I An Anaheim Helistop G/L B/201 Heliport US
24CO Ibm Building 910 Heliport US
24CT Bee Field US
24FA Lake Weir Seaplane Base US
24FD Budd Darling Heliport US
24FL Garcon Field US
24GA Caleb Heliport US
24IA Isley Field US
24II Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport US
24IL City of Geneseo Heliport US
24IN Kenstin Manor Airport US
24IS Stauss Hospital - Galena Heliport US
24K Krassel US Forest Service Airport US
24KS Blocker Field US
24KY Williams Farm Airport US
24LA Era Helicopters Cameron Base Heliport US
24LL Lambert Airport US
24LS Midstream Cameron West Heliport US
24M Wilderness Airpark US
24MA Barre-Bassett Heliport US
24MD Marriott Parking Garage Rooftop Heliport US
24ME Slip Knot Landing Airport US
24MI Johnson Airport US
24MN Bergemann Airport US
24MO Mistwood Airport US
24MT Haggerty Airport US
24MU Steele Airport US
24NC Mc Gee Field US
24NE Orr Airport US
24NH Bountiful Farm US
24NJ Central Jersey Bank Heliport US
24NK Jet-Line Products Heliport US
24NY Ely Air Park US
24OH Milburn Airport US
24OI Reeds Airport US
24OK Alliance Health Seminole Heliport US
24OR Beaverton Corporate Center Heliport US
24PA Kindelberger Landing Strip US
24PN A.H. Butz Downtown Allentown Heliport US
24S Pinehurst State Airport US
24SC The Farm Airport US
24TA Moore Ranch Airport US
24TE Police Helicopter Patrol Heliport US
24TS Medical Center North Hills Heliport US
24TX Thurber Lake Airport US
24VA Cherrystone Airport US
24WA Othello Community Hospital Heliport US
24WI Irlbeck Airport US
24WN Prairie View Farm Airport US
24XA Cross-B Airport US
24XS Furst Ranch Heliport US
25A Mcminn Airport US
25AA Skyflight Airport US
25AK Honeybee Lake Aero Park Airport US
25AL Lucas Army Heliport US
25AR Reeves Private Airport US
25AZ Mystery Well Ranch Airport US
25CA Loma Madera Ranch Airport US
25CD Lux Field US
25CL Van Dyke Strip US
25CN Platform Holly Heliport US
25CO Crystal Lakes Airport US
25FA Jackson Memorial Hospital Heliport US
25FD Sacred Heart Hospital of Pensacola Heliport US
25FL Connell's Wahoo Airport US
25GA Miller Farm Airport US
25GE Beaver Creek Lodge Heliport US
25II Gm Heliport US
25IL Bob Davis Flying Service Airport US
25IN Reid-Eash Airport US
25IS Shag Bark Farms Heliport US
25JY Heli-Ray Heliport US
25KS Wyrill Farming Airport US
25KY Western Baptist Hospital Heliport US
25LA Era - Morgan City Heliport US
25LL Bradbury Airport US
25LS Rotorcraft Leasing Co Creole Base Heliport US
25MA High School Heliport US
25MD Whalen Field US
25MI Farver Field US
25MN Shirt Lake Seaplane Base US
25MO Cook Airport US
25MS Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle Heliport US
25MT Blatter Airport US
25NC Smith Air Strip US
25NE Corr Airport US
25NH Phantom Three Heliport US
25NJ Hercules Heliport US
25NK Loucks Airport US
25NM Dream Catcher Ranch Airport US
25NR New Hanover County Sheriff'S Office Heliport US
25NY Carter's Heliport US
25OH Hammond Airport US
25OI Morrison Field US
25OK Fin & Feather Resort Heliport US
25OR Jack's Heliport US
25PA Jeannette Hospital Heliport US
25PN Nessmuk Heliport US
25SC Mountain Ridge Airport US
25TA Ferris Airport US
25TE Taylor's Air Park US
25TN Columbia River Park Hospital Heliport US
25TS Miller Airfield US
25TX Hubbard Airport US
25U Memaloose Airport US
25VA Toddsbury Farm Airport US
25WA Hart Ranch Airport US
25WI Sacred Heart Hospital Heliport US
25WN Little Plum Creek Airport US
25XA Headwaters Airport US
25XS O'Brien Airpark US
25Y New York Mills Municipal Airport US
26AL Richardson Field US
26AR Fly "N" K Airport US
26AZ Flying Dare's Ranch Airport US
26CA Boeckmann Ranch Airport US
26CL Litton Industries Heliport US
26CN Vincent Substation Heliport US
26CO Lockheed Martin Cmd & Cntrl Sys Heliport US
26FA Princeton Hospital Heliport US
26FD Hennessy Airport US
26FL Hca Raulerson Hospital Heliport US
26GA Murphree Airport US
26ID Seven Shamrock Airport US
26II Huntington Memorial Hospital Heliport US
26IL Duane E. Davis Airport US
26IN Willcox Airport US
26IS Ficklin-Airtech Airport US
26JY Binder Winslow Heliport US
26KS St Lukes Hospital Heliport US
26KY University Hospital Heliport US
26LA Heli-Air Inc. Heliport US
26LL Anderson Airport US
26LS Rotorcraft Leasing Co Intracoastal City Heliport US
26MA Pepperell Airport US
26MI Van Strien Company Airport US
26MN Christianson Field US
26MO Taber Field US
26MT Hutchinson Airport US
26N Ocean City Municipal Airport US
26NC Boonville Airport US
26ND Chitwood Airstrip US
26NH Phantom Two Heliport US
26NJ Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital Heliport US
26NK Ridge Heliport US
26NV Darrow Field US
26NY Vamc Heliport US
26OG Oakridge Ranch Airport US
26OH Hitz Airport US
26OK Duck Creek Airport US
26OR Cub Port Airport US
26PA Pennys Heliport US
26PN Leeds & Northrup Co. Heliport US
26SD Shooting Star Ranch Heliport US
26TA Red Barn Heliport US
26TE Parkview Center Hospital Heliport US
26TS Memorial Hospital-The Woodlands Heliport US
26TX Lowrance Ranch Airport US
26VA Fairfax County Police Heliport US
26VT Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Heliport US
26W Wolf Lake Airport US
26WA Olympic Memorial Hospital Heliport US
26WI Kitty-Wompus Airport US
26XA Solana North Heliport US
26XS Tatum Ranch Airport US
27AK Pad-66 Heliport US
27AL Little Texas Airport US
27AR Nw Medical of Benton Heliport US
27AZ Eagle Roost Airpark US
27C Mecosta Morton Airport US
27CA Holiday Ranch Airport US
27CL Sopwith Farm Airport US
27CN Sce Pardee Substation Helistop US
27CO Roubideau Airport US
27FA Orange County Sheriff's Office Heliport US
27FD Coastal Helicopters Inc Heliport US
27FL Wesley Chapel Medical Center Heliport US
27GA Wilson International Airport US
27IA Oldfield Aero US
27II Fort Benjamin Harrison Hospital Heliport US
27IL Jersey Community Hospital Heliport US
27IN St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital Heliport US
27IS Gelfius International Airport US
27JY Heaton Heliport US
27KS Bellamy Farm Airport US
27KY Bogle Farm Heliport US
27LA Baton Rouge General Hospital Heliport US
27LL Ralph Jacobs Airport US
27LS La Dotd Headquarters Heliport US
27MA Wamsetto Seaplane Base US
27MI Miller Field US
27MN Lake Bronson Airport US
27MO Route 66 Airfield US
27MT Rahn Airport US
27NC Brunswick Media Center Heliport US
27NE Hendricks Field US
27NH Phantom One Heliport US
27NJ Sony Music Heliport US
27NK Mohawk Air Park US
27NY Don's Heliport US
27OH Schaller Airport US
27OI Auburn Airport US
27OK Thomas Landing Airport US
27OR Time Flies Private Heliport US
27PA Fort Lee Heliport US
27PN Shelley Private Airport US
27SC Upair Heliport US
27SD Albrecht Heliport US
27TA Headwind Heliport US
27TE Sierra Providence Hospital Heliport US
27TN Memphis Police Department Heliport US
27TS Walden Ranch Heliport US
27TX Charter Bank Building Heliport US
27VA Prince William Hospital Heliport US
27W Lake Wenatchee State Airport US
27WA J C's Airport US
27WI Tegeler Airport US
27WV Kurt's Field US
27XA Arnett Landing Airport US
27XS Sport Flyers Airport US
28A Goose Creek Airport US
28AK Gates Ranch Airport US
28AL Golden Pond Airport US
28AR Henley Aerodrome US
28AZ Sampley's Airport US
28CA Dos Palos Airport US
28CL Borax Heliport US
28CN San Joaquin Community Hospital Heliport US
28CO Blm Fire Center Heliport US
28FA N Broward Medical Center Heliport US
28FD Jackson County Hospital Heliport US
28FL Jim Finlay Farm Airport US
28GA Hancock Memorial Hospital Heliport US
28II Cedar Farm Airport US
28IL West Grove Airport US
28IN Marchino Field US
28IS O K Flying Club Inc Airport US
28KS Highland Farm Airport US
28KY Brandon Airdrome Airport US
28LA Washington Parish Fire Dist 7/OEP Heliport US
28LL Williamson Airport US
28LS Hargroder Heliport US
28M Cranland Airport US
28MA Cannizzaro Field US
28MI Miller-Herrold Airport US
28MN Vasa Park Seaplane Base US
28MO Pasley Airport US
28MT Cain Ranch Airport US
28N Vineland-Downstown Airport US
28NC Balloonport of Greensboro Balloonport US
28NE Thies Airport US
28NH A and K Heliport US
28NK Ritchie Airfield US
28NR Dry Pond Airport US
28NY Spaudling Aerodrome US
28OH Newbury Airport US
28OI Mount Carmel East Hospital Heliport US
28OK Pellar Farm Airport US
28OR Parrett Mountain Airport US
28PA Yarrow Airport US
28PN Harsco Heliport US
28PR La Concepcion Hospital Heliport PR
28TA Duval County Ranch Co Airport US
28TE Midlake Airport US
28TN Bhm East Helipad Heliport US
28TS Boe-Wrinkle Airport US
28TX Lehman Airport US
28U Owyhee Reservoir State Airport US
28VA Radford Aap Heliport US
28WA Robert L Delanoy Airport US
28WI Rutherford Airport US
28XA Doctors Hospital Heliport US
28XS Flying G Airport US
29A Island Lake Seaplane Base US
29AK Remington Field US
29AR White County Medical Center Heliport US
29AZ Paloma Ranch Airport US
29C Grindstone Air Harbor Airport US
29CA Landells Heliport US
29CL Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Heliport US
29CN Dubey Airport US
29CO St Mary's Hospital & Medical Center Heliport US
29F Joe Vaughn Spraying Airport US
29FA Caloosa Downtown Seaplane Base US
29FD Gadsden Memorial Hospital Heliport US
29FL Halifax Hospital Medical Center Heliport US
29GA Rolling Meadows Airfield US
29II Norm's Airport US
29IL Brown Heliport US
29IN Homestead Airport US
29IS Norman Rittenhouse Heliport US
29KS Navrat Airport US
29KY Cramer Aerodrome US
29LA Our Lady of the Lake R.M.C. Heliport US
29LL Monroe County Ambulance Service Heliport US
29LS L Auberge du Lac Hotel Seaplane Base US
29MA Laminated Heliport US
29MD Schlosser Airport US
29ME Teconnet Seaplane Base US
29MI Sawyer Field US
29MN Wetenkamp Airport US
29MO Rollert Farm Airport US
29MT Craik Airport US
29N Kroelinger Airport US
29NC 29NC Airport US
29NE Bartmess Airport US
29NH Sunny Hill Landing Heliport US
29NJ J L Gentile Heliport US
29NY Breezy Meadows Heliport US
29OH Fox Airport US
29OI Jtv Heliport US
29OK Ditch Witch Airport US
29OR Smith Private Airport US
29PA Gardner Airport US
29PN St Vincent Health Center Heliport US
29RI Vaucluse Farm Heliport US
29SC Hannah Rhea Field US
29TA Cactus Hill Airport US
29TE Pearland Heliport US
29TN Bledsoe County Hospital Heliport US
29TS West Houston Medical Center Heliport US
29TX Lockett Airport US
29VA Rhynalds Ranch Airport US
29VT Middle Hero Seaplane Base US
29WA Crossings Heliport US
29WI Whittlesey Cranberry Co Airport US
29XA Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital Heliport US
29XS Temple Eastex Heliport US
2A4 Vor Lake Waterlane Seaplane Base US
2A7 Department of Transportation Heliport US
2A8 Addison Municipal Airport US
2AK Lime Village Airport US
2AK0 Mac Kenzie Country Airpark US
2AK1 Blair Lake Airport US
2AK2 Clear Creek Airport US
2AK3 Five Finger CG Heliport US
2AK4 Oyster Cove Airport US
2AK5 Johnstone Point Airport US
2AK6 Hog River Airport US
2AK7 Bald Mountain Airport US
2AK8 Icy Cape Afs Airport US
2AK9 Independence Creek Airport US
2AL0 Paulling Place Airstrip US
2AL1 Collier Airpark US
2AL2 Randolph County Hospital Heliport US
2AL3 Emerald Mountain Airport US
2AL4 Petroleum Helicopters Inc Heliport US
2AL5 Flying J Ranch Airport US
2AL6 Dale O. Galer Aerodrome US
2AL7 Mount Aero Lake Farm Airport US
2AL8 Finkley Farm Airport US
2AN2 Ak-Chin Heliport US
2AR0 Bully Henry Airport US
2AR1 Seratt Airport US
2AR2 Davidson Field US
2AR3 Stone County Medical Center Heliport US
2AR4 Jaynes Field US
2AR5 Ashmore Field US
2AR6 Glenn Winchester Airport US
2AR7 Head Airfield US
2AR8 L C Hickman Airport US
2AR9 Island Health Clinic Heliport US
2AZ0 Helicopter Transport Inc/Office Heliport US
2AZ1 Indian Hills Airpark US
2AZ2 Sunstate-Glendale Helistop US
2AZ3 El Mirage-Village Square Airport US
2AZ4 Millar Airport US
2AZ5 Donnelly Residence Airport US
2AZ6 Horizon Heliport US
2AZ7 Mc Gill's Ultralight Field US
2AZ8 Tubac Ultralight Flightpark Ultralightport US
2AZ9 Tribal Air Airport US
2B1 Cape Cod Airport US
2B2 Plum Island Airport US
2B6 Hollister Field US
2B9 Post Mills Airport US
2C4 Flying A Airport US
2C5 Almena Airport US
2C6 Tri-County Airport US
2CA0 Ash Mountain Heliport US
2CA1 Cosmodyne Heliport US
2CA2 Cones Field US
2CA3 Crosswinds Airport US
2CA4 Blackinton Airport US
2CA5 Platform Emmy Heliport US
2CA6 K & T 660 Figueroa Partners Heliport US
2CA7 Prudential Helistop US
2CA8 B & E Ranch Airport US
2CA9 Castle Dome Army Heliport US
2CD2 Medical Center Of The Rockies Heliport US
2CD3 Bijou Springs Ranch Airport US
2CD4 West Divide Heliport US
2CD5 Elk Mountain Resort Heliport US
2CD6 Safer Airport US
2CD7 Turnberry Ranch Heliport US
2CD8 Children'S Hospital Heliport US
2CD9 Kellogg Airstrip US
2CL0 Commerce Business Park Heliport US
2CL1 Canyon Creek Heliport US
2CL2 Mc Cabe Ranch Airport US
2CL3 Longbell Ranch Airport US
2CL4 American Display Heliport US
2CL5 Kovr Heliport US
2CL6 St John's Regional Medical Center Heliport US
2CL7 Glendale Plaza Emergency Heliport US
2CL8 Inland Valley Reg Med Ctr Heliport US
2CL9 Mustang Airport US
2CN2 Dept. Of Water And Power Granada Hills Heliport US
2CN3 Tenaja Valley Airport US
2CN4 Paramount Farms Airport US
2CN5 Regional Medical Center Of San Jose H1 Heliport US
2CN6 Department Of Water & Power Los Angeles Heliport US
2CN7 Qualcomm Building N Heliport US
2CN8 Lake Arrowhead Airport US
2CO0 Heli-Support Ii Heliport US
2CO1 Cherokee Trail Ranch Airport US
2CO2 CMRS Airdrome Airport US
2CO3 Jackrabbit Strip US
2CO4 Presbyterian/St Luke's Medical Center Heliport US
2CO5 Edenway Airport US
2CO6 Manor House Heliport US
2CO7 St Mary-Corwin Hospital Heliport US
2CO8 East Morgan County Hospital Heliport US
2CO9 Lands End Heliport US
2D1 Barber Airport US
2D3 Gooding Lake Seaplane Base US
2D6 Bannock Heliport US
2D7 Beach City Airport US
2DE2 Willaview Airport US
2DE8 Murphy's Landing Airport US
2F2 Circle U Heliport US
2F6 Skiatook Municipal Airport US
2FA0 Kendall District Station Heliport US
2FA2 Monroe Airpark US
2FA3 Henderson Heliport US
2FA4 Southern Ranch Airport US
2FA5 Thunderbird Air Park US
2FA6 Freeflight International Airport US
2FA8 Central Florida Regional Hospital Heliport US
2FA9 Mount Olive Farm Airport US
2FD0 Lazyboy Airport US
2FD1 Hobby Hill STOLport US
2FD2 Marjorie Kennan Rawlings Airport US
2FD3 Bayfront Medical Center Inc Heliport US
2FD4 Port Everglades Heliport US
2FD5 Adventure Island Heliport US
2FD6 Highlander Airport US
2FD7 Air Orlando Heliport US
2FD8 Lib Field US
2FD9 West Volusia Memorial Hospital Helistop US
2FL0 Crystal Village Airport US
2FL1 Broward County Civic Arena Heliport US
2FL2 Pbso-West County Jail Heliport US
2FL3 Folsom Airport US
2FL4 Brady Heliport US
2FL5 Brooksville International Airways, Inc. Heliport US
2FL7 Porta Target Heliport US
2FL8 Tiger Lake Airport US
2FL9 Heart of Florida Medical Center Heliport US
2G6 Mc Laughlin Seaplane Base US
2G8 Gorham Airport US
2GA0 Kennedy Intranational Airport US
2GA1 Poole Farm Airport US
2GA2 Swaids Field US
2GA3 Wrights Field US
2GA4 Mack's Field US
2GA5 Windrift Aerodrome US
2GA6 Catoosa Springs STOLport US
2GA7 Morgan Falls Heliport US
2GA8 Shannon Flight Strip US
2GA9 Lenora Airport US
2GE1 Burke County Hospital Heliport US
2GE2 Georgia Baptist Urgent Care Heliport US
2GE3 Smith Airport US
2GE4 Georgia Bureau of Investigation Heliport US
2GE5 Chukkar Farm Ultralightport US
2GE6 Virgil Heliport US
2GE7 Petty Farms Airport US
2GE8 Andy Fields Airport US
2GE9 Tract Heliport US
2H3 Cornell Municipal Airport US
2H4 Triple H Airport US
2H5 Happy Landings Airport US
2H8 Paulding Airport Inc Airport US
2I2 Olive Hill-Sellers' Field US
2IA0 Genesis Medical Center East Campus Heliport US
2IA1 Finley Hospital Heliport US
2IA2 Central Community Hospital Heliport US
2IA3 Medical Heliport US
2IA4 Cmc At West Ninth Heliport US
2IA5 Grape Community Hospital Heliport US
2IA6 Stewart Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2IA7 Downtown Heliport US
2IA8 Burgess Health Center Heliport US
2IA9 South 80 Field US
2ID2 Linda's Roost Airport US
2ID3 Josephine Ranch Airport US
2ID4 Silverwood Airport US
2ID5 Splan Airport US
2ID6 Lemons Field US
2ID7 Cayuse Creek /US Forest Service Airport US
2ID9 St. Benedicts Helipad US
2IG3 Horseshoe Casino Heliport US
2IG4 Ed-Air Airport US
2IG5 Heli-Bell Museum Heliport US
2IG6 Bloomington Hospital Heliport US
2II0 Indian Hills Flying Field US
2II1 Yoder Airport US
2II2 Indian Creek Airport US
2II3 Stottlemyer Airport US
2II4 Psi Heliport US
2II5 Burns International Harbor Heliport US
2II6 Baird-Wolford Airport US
2II7 K-9 Korner Heliport US
2II8 West Central Community Hospital Heliport US
2II9 Rice Private Heliport US
2IL0 Sneek Airport US
2IL1 Mc Cartney Airport US
2IL2 Watters Airport US
2IL3 Mc Neal's Field US
2IL4 Mountain Airport US
2IL5 Sutton Airport US
2IL6 Low and Slow Airport US
2IL7 Ben Emge Airport US
2IL8 Il.Dept Of Transportation Heliport US
2IL9 Meadow Creek Airport US
2IN0 Skip's Place Airport US
2IN2 Gerig's Field US
2IN3 Tatertown Airport US
2IN4 Scott Field US
2IN5 Midkiff Airport US
2IN6 Galloway Airport US
2IN7 Columbus Regional Hospital Heliport US
2IN8 St Anthony Heliport US
2IN9 Berry Field US
2IS1 Proctor Hospital Heliport US
2IS3 Jackson Field US
2IS4 Ritter Field US
2IS5 Parrish RLA Restricted Landing Area US
2IS6 Red Shed Field US
2IS7 Somers Blossom Airport US
2IS9 Schertz Aerial Service - Cooksville Airport US
2J0 Wakulla County Airport US
2J8 Pierson Municipal Airport US
2J9 Quincy Municipal Airport US
2JY2 Mattix Run Heliport US
2JY3 Wm. B. Kessler Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2JY4 Arden Hill Heliport US
2JY5 Jet Line South Heliport US
2JY6 The Ridge At Backbrook Heliport US
2JY7 Alba Vineyard Balloonport US
2JY9 Hargrove Heliport US
2K0 Piatt County Airport US
2K1 Pond Creek Municipal Airport US
2K2 Air Park South Airport US
2K5 Telida Airport US
2K6 Elk County Airport US
2K8 Argonia Municipal Airport US
2KL Sunrise Beach Airport US
2KS0 Rupp Airport US
2KS1 Rush Airport US
2KS2 Stuber Flying Ranch Airport US
2KS3 Wilson Airport US
2KS4 Dick Airport US
2KS5 Plains Municipal Airport US
2KS6 Flying H Airport US
2KS8 Vonada Airport US
2KS9 Starshire Farm Airport US
2KY0 Jane Todd Crawford Hospital Heliport US
2KY1 Kitty Hawk Farm Ultralightport US
2KY2 Livingston Hospital Heliport US
2KY3 Plane-O-Field Airport US
2KY4 Oz Airport US
2KY5 Womstead Field US
2KY6 The Medical Center At Bowling Green Heliport US
2KY7 Taylor County Hospital Heliport US
2KY8 Seldom Scene Airport US
2KY9 Baptist Health La Grange Heliport US
2L1 Larimore Municipal Airport US
2LA0 Central Industries Airport US
2LA1 N.Freshwater Bayou Heliport US
2LA2 Igh Heliport US
2LA3 Exxon Intracoastal City Terminal Seaplane Base US
2LA4 Bunkie Flying Service Airport US
2LA5 Reed Flying Service Inc Airport US
2LA6 Howell 1 Airport US
2LA7 Costello Airport US
2LA8 Transco Heliport US
2LA9 Cow Island Trunkline Heliport US
2LL0 Taylorville Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2LL1 Cwian Field US
2LL2 Weihler Airport US
2LL3 Roy Burden Restricted Landing Area US
2LL4 Snow Airport US
2LL5 Justus Airport US
2LL6 Genesis Medical Center - Illini Campus Heliport US
2LL7 Adams Restricted Landing Area Number 2 US
2LL8 Washington County Hospital Heliport US
2LL9 George Airport US
2LS0 Air Logistics Galliano Heliport US
2LS2 Chitimacha Air Park US
2LS3 Majors Airpark US
2M1 Harry S Truman Regional Airport US
2M5 Stockton Lake Seaplane Base US
2M7 Hoffman's Black Mountain Aerodrome US
2MA2 Digital Heliport US
2MA3 Rider Heliport US
2MA4 Compaq Littleton Heliport US
2MA5 Compaq Powdermill Road Heliport US
2MA6 Flynns Noquochoke Seaplane Base US
2MA7 Falls Pond Seaplane Base US
2MA8 Compaq Stow Heliport US
2MA9 Digital Heliport US
2MD0 Anderson Farm Airport US
2MD1 Recompense Farm Airport US
2MD2 Aerospace Tech Center Heliport US
2MD3 Fly Away Farm Airport US
2MD4 Ennis Aerodrome US
2MD5 Hoby Wolf Airport US
2MD6 Cherry Field US
2MD7 Maritime Institute Heliport US
2MD8 Greater Gortner Airport US
2me3 Heartstone Farm Airport US
2MI0 Woodside Airport US
2MI1 Blodgett Memorial Medical Center Heliport US
2MI2 St. Mary Hospital Heliport US
2MI3 Larry D Boven Airport US
2MI4 Mc Jilton Field US
2MI5 Somerville Airport US
2MI7 Flugplatz Airport US
2MI8 Vassar Field US
2MI9 Capen Airport US
2MN0 Pribbs Field US
2MN1 Winter Strip US
2MN2 Dreamcatcher Airport US
2MN3 Chippewa County Hospital Heliport US
2MN5 Pelican Lake Seaplane Base US
2MN6 Van Norman's Airport US
2MN7 Fussy Airport US
2MN8 Trygstad Airport US
2MN9 F. Dillenburg Airport US
2MO0 Fletcher Field US
2MO1 Bird Field US
2MO2 Northwood Airport US
2MO3 Independence Regional Health Center Heliport US
2MO4 Breckenridge Airport US
2MO5 Pegasus Ranch Aerodrome US
2MO6 Hunziker Airport US
2MO7 Fawn Lake Airport US
2MO8 Frerer Strip US
2MO9 Runway Ranch Airport US
2MS0 Tgp Station 851 Heliport US
2MS1 Tgp Station 843 Heliport US
2MS2 TGP Station 54 Heliport US
2MS3 Tgp Station 542 Heliport US
2MS4 Tgp Station 546 Heliport US
2MS5 Tgp Station 847 Heliport US
2MS6 Tgp Station 63 Heliport US
2MS7 Puff Airpark US
2MS8 Spencer Field US
2MS9 Kimmel Land & Cattle Airport US
2MT0 Bates Airstrip US
2MT1 Ryan Field US
2MT2 Braidwater Farm Airport US
2MT3 Community Medical Center Heliport US
2MT4 River Bend Ranch Heliport US
2MT5 Briar Creek Airport US
2MT6 Sun River Ranch Heliport US
2MT7 Barnaby Lake Medivac Site Heliport US
2MT8 South Boulder Airport US
2MT9 Gold Creek Airport US
2MU0 St Genevieve County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2MU1 Saint Louis Children's Hospital Heliport US
2MU9 Monroe Field US
2MY2 Zarn Airport US
2MY3 Cambridge Medical Center Heliport US
2MY4 Miller Airport US
2N2 Newfound Valley Airport US
2N5 Kampel Airport US
2N6 Redwing Airport US
2N7 Little Ferry Seaplane Base US
2NA0 Soderquist Airport US
2NA7 Slater Farm Airport US
2NC0 Mountain Air Airport US
2NC1 Hawk's Knoll Airport US
2NC2 Union Memorial Hospital Inc Heliport US
2NC3 Sky-5 Heliport US
2NC4 Scottbrook Farm Airport US
2NC5 Meridian Corporate Center Heliport US
2NC6 Flying M Airport US
2NC7 Scotland Neck East Airport US
2NC8 Goodnight's Airport US
2NC9 Scotland Memorial Heliport US
2ND0 Kraft Airport US
2ND1 Westerlind Airport US
2ND2 Makeeff Airport US
2ND3 Casslindan Airport US
2ND4 Trinity Medical Center Heliport US
2ND7 Johnson Airport US
2ND9 Brekhus Field US
2NE0 Johnson Lake Airport US
2NE4 Spring Lake Airport US
2NE5 Fiese Airstrip US
2NE6 Coppersmith Airport US
2NE7 Kumor Airport US
2NH2 Westport Heliport US
2NH3 Scott Heliport US
2NH4 Spear Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2NH5 Pilgrim's Home Airfield US
2NH6 Speedway Northside Heliport US
2NH9 Brookside Heliport US
2NJ0 Alexanders-Paramus Heliport US
2NJ1 Jugtown Mountain Airport US
2NJ2 Sportland Pier Heliport US
2NJ3 Weidel/Private/ Airport US
2NJ4 Six Flags Great Adventure Heliport US
2NJ5 Hartung Airport US
2NJ6 Markle Airport US
2NJ7 Foley Machinery Heliport US
2NJ8 Peddie School Heliport US
2NJ9 Bayonne Golf Club Heliport US
2NK0 Northwest Waterbird Seaplane Base US
2NK1 Gaskin's Hilltop Airport US
2NK2 Cove Neck Heliport US
2NK3 Rose Field US
2NK4 Westchester Resco Heliport US
2NK5 NCH Heliport US
2NK6 Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Heliport US
2NK7 Walton Airport US
2NK8 Landmark Plaza Heliport US
2NK9 Old Orchard Airpark US
2NR4 Apex Healthplex Heliport US
2NV2 Gibb Ranch Airport US
2NV3 Vista Del Monte Lot 55 Heliport US
2NV8 Mercy Air-Pahrump Heliport US
2NY0 Catskill Valley Airpark US
2NY2 High View Too Heliport US
2NY3 Kwp Heliport US
2NY4 Byron Airpark US
2NY5 Strong Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2NY6 Slate Hill Heliport US
2NY7 Towner Farm Airport US
2NY8 Benbyre Farm Heliport US
2NY9 Kayutah Lake Airport US
2OA1 Bristol Airstrip US
2OA2 Mackie's Airport US
2OA3 Sawmill Creek Resort Heliport US
2OA4 Victory Field US
2OA5 Fl-Airfield US
2OA6 Hilltop Airport US
2OA7 Utter Field US
2OG2 Erickson Air-Crane Whetstone Heliport US
2OG3 Wiley's Seaplane Base US
2OG4 El Rancho Airport US
2OG5 Mendenhall Airstrip US
2OH0 Bohannan Airport US
2OH1 Magruder Memorial Heliport US
2OH2 Merritt Airport US
2OH4 Cedar Creek Airport US
2OH5 Childrens Medical Center Heliport US
2OH6 Leavelle Airstrip US
2OH7 Jbr Airport US
2OH8 Port-O-John Airport US
2OH9 Caesar Creek Gliderport US
2OI2 Air Jordan Airport US
2OI3 Railway Stop Heliport US
2OI4 Aero Lake Farm Airport US
2OI5 University Pointe Medical Office Building Heliport US
2OI6 Park Medical Center Heliport US
2OI7 Worthington Industries Heliport US
2OI8 K & D Airways Airport US
2OI9 Comprix Heliport US
2OK Alaska Regional Hospital Heliport US
2OK0 Burford Corp. Airport US
2OK1 Frost Ranch Airport US
2OK2 Twin Lakes Airport US
2OK3 Moore Airpark US
2OK4 Ragwing Acres Airport US
2OK5 Ferrell Ranch Airport US
2OK6 Flying N Ranch Airport US
2OK7 Cole Landing Area Airport US
2OK8 D & G Farms Airport US
2OK9 Pata Skyhaven Airport US
2OL2 Myers Field Airstrip US
2OR0 Nielsen Airport US
2OR1 Big Muddy Ranch Airport US
2OR2 Pioneer Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2OR3 Davidson Field US
2OR4 Heavens Gate Ranch Airport US
2OR5 Woodland Park Hospital Heliport US
2OR6 Lockhart Airport US
2OR7 Sweet Home Airport US
2OR9 World Trade Center Heliport US
2P2 Washington Island Airport US
2P4 Baraga Airport US
2P5 Holly City Heliport US
2P7 Alderman Airport US
2PA0 Zettlemoyer Airport US
2PA1 Boehm's Field US
2PA2 Lehman Airport US
2PA3 Reed Airport US
2PA4 Boden Airport US
2PA5 Johnson Airport US
2PA6 The Old Commonwealth Aerodrome US
2PA7 Egolf Airport US
2PA8 Shulls Airport US
2PA9 Wilson Heliport US
2PN0 Strawberry Acres Airport US
2PN1 Malco Airport US
2PN2 Fortman Heliport US
2PN3 Market Garden Airport US
2PN4 Quemahening Flightpark Ultralightport US
2PN5 Baker-Sell Airport US
2PN7 Brennan Personal Use Airport US
2PN8 Federal Reserve Bank Heliport US
2PN9 Sun Company-Radnor Heliport US
2PR2 Caribbean Constr Main Office Heliport PR
2PS0 Rotelle Heliport US
2PS2 Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2PS3 Mathna Airport US
2PS4 Wgal-Tv Heliport US
2PS5 Rosini Residence Heliport US
2PS6 Brandywine Hospital Heliport US
2PS7 Merck Sharp & Dohme Heliport US
2PS8 Sunbury Community Hospital Heliport US
2PS9 Albert Einstein Medical Center Heliport US
2Q5 Parker Carson STOLport US
2Q9 Dyer Airport US
2R3 Island Lake Seaplane Base US
2RI7 Malbone Estate Heliport US
2S0 Twisp Municipal Airport US
2S1 Vashon Municipal Airport US
2S2 Beaver Marsh State Airport US
2S3 Archer Memorial Field US
2S5 Waterville Airport US
2S6 Sportsman Airpark US
2SC2 South Carolina Pipeline Heliport US
2SC3 Melrose Landing Seaplane Base US
2SC4 Salty Fare Landng Seaplane Base US
2SC5 Ridgewood Air Airport US
2SC6 Sled Heliport US
2SC7 Laurel Hill Farms Airport US
2SC8 Gaston Airport US
2SC9 Mcintosh Airport US
2SD0 Paradise Valley Airport US
2SD1 Mc Kennan Hospital Heliport US
2SD2 Pepper Port Airport US
2SD3 Bollweg Farm Airport US
2SD4 Nicolaisen Airport US
2SD5 Sturgis Heliport US
2SD6 Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota Heliport US
2SD7 Dangel Airport US
2SD8 Bixler Ridge Airport US
2SD9 Tc Field US
2T2 Percival Springs Airport US
2T5 Hahn Sky Ranch Airport US
2T7 Van Camp's Heliport US
2TA0 Darmar Medical Emergency Heliport US
2TA1 Gravco STOLport US
2TA2 The Medical Center of Mesquite Heliport US
2TA3 Triangle Ranch Private Airport US
2TA4 Mario's Flying Pizza Airport US
2TA5 Port O'Connor Base (Ehi) Heliport US
2TA6 Pyramid Ranch Airport US
2TA7 Era Helicopters Sabine Base Heliport US
2TA8 El Coyote Ranch Airport US
2TA9 A M I G O For Christ Airport US
2TE0 Eagle Air Park US
2TE1 Republic Helicopters Heliport US
2TE2 Flying Oaks Airport US
2TE3 Weems Farm Airport US
2TE4 Frels Airport US
2TE5 Piano Ranch Airport US
2TE6 Burris Ranch Airport US
2TE7 Beach Ranch Airport US
2TE8 Wagner-Braxdale Airport US
2TE9 Cuero Community Hospital Heliport US
2TN0 Hospital Wing Heliport US
2TN1 Baptist Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2TN2 Wings Field US
2TN3 Oak Ridge Heliport US
2TN4 Shoemaker-Shelby Forest Airport US
2TN5 Athens Regional Medical Center Heliport US
2TN6 Baptist Hospital Heliport US
2TN7 Wolf Creek Airport US
2TN8 Soggy Bottom Airport US
2TN9 Baptist Memorial Hospital Heliport US
2TS0 Myska Field US
2TS1 Titus Regional Medical Center Heliport US
2TS2 Shofner Farms Airport US
2TS3 Tigerbird Field US
2TS4 Circle R Ranch Airport US
2TS5 Hedley Airport US
2TS6 Eagle's Nest Estates Airport US
2TS7 Jamak Fabrication Heliport US
2TS8 Bailey Airport US
2TS9 DPS-Tyler Heliport US
2TX0 Blue Sky Airfield US
2TX1 Russell Paradise Airport US
2TX2 Ray Smith Farm Airport US
2TX3 La Fonda Ranch Airport US
2TX4 Lewis Ranch Airport US
2TX5 Berry Airport US
2TX6 Everitt Airport US
2TX7 Jw Airport US
2TX8 Eagle's Landing Airport US
2TX9 Ethyl Corp Heliport US
2U0 Smith Prairie Airport US
2U4 Rockford Municipal Airport US
2U5 Shearer US Forest Service Airport US
2U7 Stanley Airport US
2U8 Thomas Creek Airport US
2UT2 High Meadow Ranch Airport US
2UT3 Fort Ranch Airport US
2UT4 Heber Valley Hospital Heliport US
2V3 Hartenbower Hectares Airport US
2VA Zangger Vintage Airpark US
2VA0 Red Birds Airyard Airport US
2VA1 Jett Airpark US
2VA2 Melville Airstrip US
2VA3 Merlin Aerodrome US
2VA4 Winchester Medical Center Heliport US
2VA5 Rosegill Farm Airstrip US
2VA6 Arrowhead Point Airport US
2VA7 Virginia Beach General Hospital Heliport US
2VA8 Brandywyne Farms Airport US
2VA9 Airlie Airport US
2VE2 Spring Valley Hospital Heliport US
2VG2 Upperville Airport US
2VG3 Cub Haven Airport US
2VG4 Deer Run Heliport US
2VG5 Breeden Company Heliport US
2VG6 Rychlk Heliport US
2VG7 Seven Gables Airport US
2VG8 Folly Neck Airport US
2VG9 Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center Heliport US
2VT2 Northern Lights Seaplane Base US
2W1 De Vere Field US
2W2 Clearview Airpark US
2W3 Swanson Airport US
2WA0 Pcfd Nr 26 Heliport US
2WA1 Diamond Point Airstrip US
2WA2 Quartermaster Harbor Seaplane Base US
2WA3 Stuart Island West Airport US
2WA5 Coulee Community Hospital Heliport US
2WA6 Rice Ranch Airport US
2WA8 Kramer Ranch Airport US
2WA9 Touchet Valley Airport US
2WI0 Bender's Airport US
2WI1 Uff-Da Airport US
2WI2 Shullsburg Airport US
2WI3 Milwaukee County Medical Complex Heliport US
2WI4 Plows & Props Airport US
2WI5 Blair Lake Airport US
2WI6 Matson Airport US
2WI7 Hecklers' Strip US
2WI8 Davies Airport US
2WI9 Bulldog Ranch Airport US
2WN2 Gaffney Airport US
2WN3 Curns Airport US
2WN4 Mcfaul Airport US
2WN5 Murmuring Springs Airport US
2WN6 Cunningham Airport US
2WN7 Planeacres Airport US
2WN8 Oshkosh Sky Ranch Airport US
2WN9 Hillcrest Airport US
2WS2 Connor'S Lake Landing US
2WS3 C. R. Acres Airport US
2WS4 SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital-Jansville Heliport US
2WV2 Louis A. Johnson Va Medical Center Heliport US
2WV3 Hales Landing Airport US
2WV5 Willow Bend Airport US
2WV6 West Virginia State Police Heliport US
2WY3 Haas Airport US
2WY4 Raco 1 Heliport US
2WY8 Bar Flying E Airport US
2X2 Willow Seaplane Base US
2XA0 Foard County Airport US
2XA1 El Caballero Airport US
2XA2 Knape Airport US
2XA3 North Cypress Medical Center Heliport US
2XA4 Flying S Ranch Airport US
2XA5 Someday Ranch Airport US
2XA6 Red Berry Heliport US
2XA7 Tailwheel Airport US
2XA8 Air Evac 53 Heliport US
2XA9 Rolling Plains Hospital Heliport US
2XS0 Columbia Valley Regional Heliport US
2XS1 Harris Ranch Airport US
2XS2 Indio-Faith Airport US
2XS3 Glad Oaks Airport US
2XS4 Skida Patch Airport US
2XS5 Cross Triangle Ranch Airport US
2XS6 Foster Ranch Airport US
2XS7 Annandale Ranch Airport US
2XS8 Benson Airstrip US
2XS9 Uvalde County Hospital Authority Heliport US
2Y0 Primghar Airport US
2Y1 Drake Airport US
2Y2 Hawarden Municipal Airport US
2Y3 Yakutat Seaplane Base US
2Z1 Entrance Island Seaplane Base US
2Z2 Eureka Creek Airport US
2Z3 Eva Creek Airport US
2Z5 Chena River Seaplane Base US
2Z6 False Island Seaplane Base US
3,00E Pronger Bros Ranch Airport US
30AK Doyle Estates Airport US
30AL Med Flight 2 Heliport US
30AR Phalanx Airport US
30AZ Gila Compressor Station Airport US
30CA Indian Valley Hospital Heliport US
30CL Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Heliport US
30CO Coyote Creek Ranch Airport US
30F Lakeview Airport US
30FA Florida Hospital Lake Placid Heliport US
30FD City of Fort Lauderdale Heliport US
30FL Columbia Putnam Community Hospital Heliport US
30GA Elliott Field US
30ID Mason Airport US
30II Reid Hospital Heliport US
30IL Clay County Hospital Heliport US
30IN Wigent Airport US
30IS Aero Lake Estates Airport US
30KS Tyler Airport US
30KY Wayne County Hospital Heliport US
30LA Venice Base Heliport & Seaplane Base US
30LL Williams Airpark US
30LS Rotorcraft Heliport US
30M Ralph M Sharpe Airport US
30MA Clinton Hospital Heliport US
30MI Wolverton's Field US
30MN Albert Lea Medical Center Heliport US
30MO Matzie Airport US
30NC Happy Bottom Airport US
30NE Rs Ag-Land Airport US
30NJ Hillside Farm Heliport US
30NM Crusader Heliport US
30NR Bladen Lakes State Forest Tactical Landing Zone Heliport US
30NY Coye Field US
30OH Bahl Helistop US
30OK Lobo Field US
30OR Bero Field US
30PA Kings Airport US
30PN Pittsburgh Children'S Hospital Heliport US
30TA Tri-Modal Air Park US
30TE Cone Airport US
30TS Hall Airport US
30TX Burg Lake Aero Airport US
30VA Clinch Valley Medical Center Heliport US
30W Sweetwater Bay Seaplane Base US
30WA Weller Canyon Airport US
30WI Chambers Island Airport US
30XA Emergency Room At Magnolia Heliport US
30XS Farwell Spraying Service, Inc Airport US
31A Sugar Valley Airport US
31AK Dalrymple's Airport US
31AR Van Buren County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
31AZ Benson Airport US
31CA Baldwin Base Heliport US
31CL Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital Heliport US
31CO Montrose Memorial Hospital Heliport US
31CT Quiet Corner Heliport US
31D Inter County Airport US
31FA S & S Avion Ranch Airport US
31FD Florida State Hospital Heliport US
31FL Forever Florida Airport US
31GA Wgcl-Tv Heliport US
31II Rising Sun Airport US
31IL Tamms Correctional Center Heliport US
31IN Timber House Airport US
31IS Mason District Hospital Heliport US
31KS Mills Field US
31KY Wild Blue Airport US
31LA Iota Volunteer Fire Department Heliport US
31LL Seeman Airport US
31LS Helicopter Management Heliport US
31MA Norm's Field US
31MD AGH Heliport US
31MI Rentz Ultralightport US
31MN Peterson Seaplane Base US
31MO Hannah Airport US
31NC NH HMC Heliport US
31NE Grimm Farm Airport US
31NH Johnson's Heliport US
31NJ Atlantic City Medical Center-Mainland Division Heliport US
31NY Troop E Heliport US
31OH Au Heliport US
31OK Siegfried Point Heliport US
31OR Heli-Jet Heliport US
31PA Foxcatcher Farm Heliport US
31PN Control Dynamics Heliport US
31TA Vitek Field US
31TE Tenneco Lab Helistop US
31TN Crockett Hospital Heliport US
31TS Flyers Field US
31TX Scott Airport US
31VA Aberdeen Field US
31WA Mary Bridge Heliport US
31WI Mcdermott Air Park US
31WN Berlin Field US
31XS Fly-N-Ski Airport US
32AK Hardrock Field US
32AR Stuttgart Memorial Hospital Heliport US
32AZ Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hosp Heliport US
32CA Stone Airstrip US
32CL Bob's Flying Service Inc Airport US
32CN Pacific Bell-2300 Imperial Hwy Heliport US
32CO Braun Airport US
32FA Sunset Strip Airpark US
32FD Kearney Construction Heliport US
32FL Meyer Heliport US
32GA Sebastian Cove Airport US
32II Roberts Airport US
32IL Village of Tamms Heliport US
32IN Roto-Whirl/Ski World Heliport US
32IS Baker Airport US
32KS Wilkens Airport US
32KY St Elizabeth Medical Center South Heliport US
32LA A B Dock Services Heliport US
32LL The Sandbox Airport US
32LS Stevens Strip US
32MA North Adams Regional Hospital Heliport US
32MD Roseland Airport US
32MI William Beaumont Hospital Heliport US
32MN Don's Landing Field US
32MO Phillips Airport US
32MS Browns Landing US
32NC Hall Field US
32NE Mc Ginn Ranch Airport US
32NJ George Harms Const Heliport US
32NK Schoharie Creek Airport US
32NY S J M Landing Heliport US
32OH Rall Field US
32OK Flying A Ranch Airport US
32OR Pine Hollow Airport US
32PA Yost Personal Use Airport US
32PN Black Rock Airport US
32TA Wilbourn Ranch Airport US
32TE Granite Shoals Municipal Airport US
32TN Southern Tennessee Medical Center Heliport US
32TS Seton Medical Center H-4 Heliport US
32TX Hinson Airport US
32VA Old South Aerodrome US
32WA Whitestone Airport US
32WI Dalonia Airport US
32WN Bowman Airstrip US
32XA Medical Center Hospital Heliport US
32XS Cedar Circle Heliport US
33A Fairview Airport US
33AK Nugget Bench Airport US
33AR Skypoint Estates Airport US
33AZ Yolo Ranch Airport US
33C Jablonski Airport US
33CA Lloyd's Landing Airport US
33CL Oak Country Ranch Airport US
33CN Platform Hillhouse Heliport US
33CO Melby Ranch Airstrip US
33CT Irish Hills Farms Airport US
33FA Recreation Corporation Airport US
33FD R O Ranch STOLport US
33FL Flying S Ranch Airport US
33GA Hudson River Landing Airport US
33IA Orange City Hospital Heliport US
33ID Ozzy's Airport US
33II Lifeline Landing Area Heliport US
33IL John Scharff Airport US
33IN Rusby Field US
33IS Howell Airport US
33KS Buena Terra Airport US
33KY Bigger (Stol) STOLport US
33LA Sky Ranch Airport US
33LL Isley Airport US
33LS Heart Hospital Heliport US
33MA Seagate Heliport US
33MI Great Lakes Airport US
33MN Swift Private Airport US
33MO Leaming Field US
33MT Kruger Heliport US
33NC Pettigrew Moore Aerodrome US
33NE Orr Ranch Airport US
33NJ Centra State Medical Center Heliport US
33NR Wolf Ridge Airport US
33NY Wayne Delp Airport US
33OH Sunset Strip US
33OI Soaring Horse Airport US
33OK Myrick Airport US
33OR Crow-Mag Airport US
33PA Sutliff Private Airport US
33PN Skepton Heliport US
33SC Triad Carolinas Hospital Heliport US
33TA Lake Bonanza Airport US
33TE Sw Police Station Nr 4 Heliport US
33TN Bradley Memorial Hospital Heliport US
33TS Burleson County Hospital Heliport US
33TX Tgp 1 Heliport US
33VA Fox Fire Airport US
33WA Franz Ranch Airport US
33WI St Mary's Hospital Heliport US
33XS Six Mile Volunteer Fire Department Heliport US
34AK Cardwell Strip US
34AL Gaston Steam Plant Heliport US
34AR Woodbridge Field US
34AZ Gila River Memorial Airport US
34CA Fiddyment Field US
34CD Elk Park Ranch Airport US
34CL Burney Service Center Heliport US
34CN Bonanza Hills Airport US
34CO Simons Airport US
34FA Gezik Seaplane Base US
34FD Blue Ridge Flightpark Airport US
34FL Ellis Agricultural Field US
34G Merillat Airport US
34GA Cobb General Hospital Heliport US
34ID Freeman Creek Airport US
34II Burk Personal Use Airport US
34IL G. Bray Airport US
34IN Windy P Ridge Airport US
34IS Jim Wehrli Memorial Airport US
34KS St Joseph Heliport US
34KY Lone Pine Aerodrome US
34LA Swamp Smith Airport US
34LL Il Dept of Corrections/Lawrence County Heliport US
34LS Coastal Ridge Airpark US
34MA Crowhurst Heliport US
34MI De Witt Property Airport US
34MN Peil/Juliar Seaplane Base US
34MO Cyanamid-Hannibal Heliport US
34MS Colle Field US
34NC Carolinas Medical Center Heliport US
34ND Plath Farms Airport US
34NE Evans Ranch Airport US
34NH Stone Song Heliport US
34NJ Chilton Memorial Hospital Heliport US
34NY Hendershot Airport US
34OH Arend Airport US
34OI Snoddy Air Strip US
34OK Double Bar S Ranches Airport US
34OR Providence Medical Center Heliport US
34PA Waltz Airport US
34PN Fox Field US
34TA Jsi Airport US
34TE Bee Creek Airport US
34TS Canyon Lake Airport US
34TX Buckmaster Heliport US
34U Yuba Airport US
34VA Loudoun Hospital Center Heliport US
34WA Orbit Heliport US
34WI Thiessen Field US
34XS Flying Hare Field Airport US
35AK Seal Island Heliport US
35AL Citronelle / Silcox Memorial Heliport US
35AR Black Horse Landing Ultralightport US
35AZ Continental Airport US
35C Wells Airport US
35CA Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center Heliport US
35CL Flying M Ranch Airport US
35CN Farnsworth Ranch Airstrip US
35CO Lone Tree Ranch Airport US
35FA Rimes Lakecrest Airport US
35FD Rush Airport US
35FL St Vincent's Medical Center Heliport US
35GA Buford Precinct Heliport US
35II Brown Airport US
35IL Clarion Field US
35IN Ellison Airport US
35IS Enoch Airport US
35JY Cyber Density Balloon Spot Balloonport US
35KS Blue Sky Ranch and Aerodrome US
35KY Welcome Field US
35L Carriage Lane Airport US
35LA Ms Pats Airport US
35LL Crawford Memorial Hospital Heliport US
35LS The Bluffs Heliport US
35M Vortex Heliport US
35MA Idlewide Heliport US
35ME Matinicus Island Airport US
35MI Law Field US
35MN Wipline Airport US
35MO Camp Clark Army Heliport US
35NC Johnston Airport US
35NE Shelburnes Airport US
35NH Cobbetts Pond Seaplane Base US
35NJ Mid-State Heliport US
35NY Ciszak Airport US
35OH Gainey Heliport US
35OI Fawcett Center For Tomorrow Heliport US
35OK Schumacher Field US
35OL Henderson Farm Airport US
35OR Freight Wagon Field US
35PA Spring Land Heliport US
35PN Sabinsville-Consolidated Heliport US
35TA Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano Heliport US
35TE Ne Police Station Nr 2 Heliport US
35TS Hempstead Gliderport US
35TX Flying B Ranch Airstrip US
35VA CMH Medical Heliport US
35WA Fisher Ranch Airport US
35WI Barker Strip US
35XS Nocona General Hospital Heliport US
36AA W. M. Thomas Pad Heliport US
36AK Flyway Farm Airstrip US
36AR David Stanley Memorial Airport US
36AZ Valley Farms Airport US
36CA Stone Land County Airport US
36CL Tri-City Hospital Heliport US
36CN Blackwell Land Company Inc Airport US
36CO Fat Chance Airport US
36FA Magic Air Adventure Heliport US
36FD Bay Helicopters Heliport US
36FL Mease Hospital Countryside Heliport US
36GA Lola Landing Airport US
36H Squaw Harbor Seaplane Base US
36ID Dorothy Roeber Memorial Heliport US
36II Newby Landing Airport US
36IL Batchtown Heliport US
36IN Peterson Ultralightport US
36IS Gillen Airport US
36KS White Farms Airport US
36KY Arnolds Airport US
36LA Lafayette Training Center - Cusa Heliport US
36LL Calhoun Medical Center Heliport US
36LS Squires Heliport US
36MA Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Heliport US
36MI Tecumseh Products Airport US
36MN Wagner Farm Airport US
36MO Harrison Private Airport US
36NC Greensboro North Airport US
36NE Frevert Airstrip US
36NH Long Pond Landing Heliport US
36NJ Colliers Mills Heliport US
36NY Dew Airpark US
36OH Wright's Field US
36OI Verhoff Airport US
36OK Jones Air Park US
36OR Jasper Ridge Airstrip US
36PA Episcopal Hospital Heliport US
36PN Us Army Reserve Center Heliport US
36TA G W Heliport US
36TE Nw Police Station Nr 5 Heliport US
36TN Ruckman Field US
36TS 4BH Heliport US
36TX Bevoni-Flying B Airport US
36VA Carilion Westlake Center Heliport US
36VT North Hero Passage Seaplane Base US
36WA Bob's Field US
36WI Holland Air Park US
36XS Mill Iron Ranch South Airport US
37AL Veterans Heliport US
37AR Beech Creek Airport US
37AZ Sarita Airport US
37CA Billy Joe Airport US
37CL Lyall-Roberts Airport US
37CN Arnold Ranch Airport US
37CO Ash Mesa Heliport US
37FA Florida Hospital Heliport US
37FD Ringhaver Heliport US
37FL Flying Harness Farms Airport US
37GA Blue Bird Field US
37I Troy Skypark Airport US
37ID Hungry Ridge Ranch Airport US
37II Winn Field US
37IL Minder Airport US
37IN Felix Airport US
37IS Hilbert Airport US
37KS Bar P Ranch Airport US
37KY University of Kentucky Hospital Heliport US
37LA Wayne Brown Airport US
37LL Dale Curten Farm Airport US
37LS Vortex 2 Heliport US
37M Hornersville Memorial Airport US
37MA Hanson Heliport US
37MI Handleman Sky Ranch Airport US
37MN Nagel and Schultz Airport US
37MO Mayes Homestead Airport US
37N Garrison Dam Recreational Airpark US
37NC Valdese General Hospital Heliport US
37ND Sunset Strip US
37NE Watermeier Airport US
37NJ Deepwater Heliport US
37NY Cuba Memorial Hospital Heliport US
37OH Southwest General Hospital Heliport US
37OI Cole Airfield US
37OK Valley View Hospital Heliport US
37OR Vey Sheep Ranch Airport US
37PA Roadcap Airport US
37PN Hanover Hospital Heliport US
37S Fort Peck Airport US
37TA Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas Heliport US
37TE Johnnie Volk Field US
37TN Sweetwater Fire Department Heliport US
37TS Skinner Airport US
37TX Yates Field US
37VA St. Mary's Hospital Heliport US
37VT Brisson Airport US
37WA Baumann Farm Inc. Airport US
37WI Docken Field US
37X Skydive Houston Airport US
37XS Lake Whitney Country Club Airport US
38AK Mels Airport US
38AR Williams Field US
38AZ Peabody Bedard Field US
38C Cain Field US
38CA Cashen Airport US
38CL Riego Flight Strip US
38CN Sanborn Airport US
38CO Basin Clinic Heliport US
38FA Blue Springs Airport US
38FD Griffin's Main Office Heliport US
38FL Flagler Hospital Heliport US
38GA Lanier Park Hospital Heliport US
38I Weller Airport US
38ID Sky Ranch North Airport US
38II Hampton Field US
38IL Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hosp Heliport US
38IN Fuller Field US
38IS Winchester Airport US
38K Lucas Airport US
38KS Savute Airport US
38KY Grant County Hospital Heliport US
38LA Whiteville Airport US
38LL Gateway Regional Medical Center Heliport US
38LS Ace Flying Airport US
38MI Chicora Field US
38MN Chandler Personal Use Airport US
38MO Barber Airport US
38N Smyrna Airport US
38NC Annie Penn Hospital Heliport US
38ND Schroeder Private Airport US
38NE Boardman Aerial Airport US
38NJ Wjrz Radio Heliport US
38NY Greenlawn Farm Airport US
38OH Industry Air Park US
38OI Ronshausen Airport US
38OK Duncan Regional Hospital Heliport US
38OR Pge Boardman Heliport US
38PA Aerequus Airport US
38PN Waisley Airport US
38SC La Dolce Terra Airport US
38TA Kurio Heliport US
38TE John S Dunn Heliport US
38TN Sugar Grove Airport US
38TS Steeplechase Heliport US
38TX Lyndon B Johnson General Hospital Heliport US
38V Arthur Municipal Airport US
38VA State Police Division Three Heliport US
38W Lynden Airport US
38WA Blakely Island Airport US
38WI Northport Airport US
38WV River's Edge Farm Airport US
38XS San Rafael Ranch Airport US
39AK Gilmore Strip US
39AR Twin Cities Airport US
39AZ Lukachukai Airport US
39B Nugent Chamberlain Lake Seaplane Base US
39CA Sce Palm Springs District Heliport US
39CL Castle Heliport US
39CO Flying M Ranch Airport US
39FA Sanders Ranch Airport US
39FD Ancient Oaks Airport US
39FL Palm Beach Sheriff's Range Heliport US
39G Avoca Airport US
39GA Wayne Memorial Hospital Heliport US
39IA Husband Field US
39ID Albion Municipal Airport US
39II Miller Field US
39IL Mason Airport US
39IN Roberts Field US
39IS Hagi Landing Area Airport US
39K Pomona Lake Airport US
39KS Rolling Meadows Airport US
39KY Somerset-Pulaski Co EMS Heliport US
39LA Whitaker Ultralightport US
39LL Sullivan Airport US
39MI Huber Airport US
39MN Anthony Private Airport US
39MO Gardner Airport US
39NC Rebel Field US
39NJ Troop B Heliport US
39NY Print Pad Heliport US
39OH Crosswind Meadows Airport US
39OK Paradise Air Haven Airport US
39OR Croman Heliport US
39P Strom Field US
39PA Gehris Airport US
39PN Nelson's Run Airport US
39R Flyin' B Airport US
39T Tripp Creek Airport US
39TA Flying Tigers Airport US
39TE Seminole Spraying Service Airport US
39TN Big Sandy Airpark US
39TS Hearthstone Heliport US
39TX Sony Microelectronics Helistop US
39VA Kingstowne Heliport US
39WA Tailskid Ranch Airport US
39WI S & S Ranch Airport US
39XS Kimble Hospital Heliport US
39Z Flying-A-Ranch Airport US
3A0 Grove Hill Municipal Airport US
3A3 Seymour Lake Seaplane Base US
3A9 Arlington Municipal Airport US
3AA3 CVTC Field Heliport US
3AK0 Little Niklason Lake Seaplane Base US
3AK1 Deshka Landing Airport US
3AK2 Niklason Lake Estates Airport US
3AK3 Songlo Vista Airport US
3AK4 Johnson Airport US
3AK5 Drift River Airport US
3AK6 B & B Boys Ranch Airport US
3AK7 Laub Airport US
3AK8 Boisselle's Strip US
3AK9 River John Airport US
3AL0 Fayette County Hospital Heliport US
3AL1 Flying H Ranch Airport US
3AL2 East Alabama Medical Center Heliport US
3AL3 Tuscaloosa Police Department Heliport US
3AL4 Aldot Complex Heliport US
3AL5 Edwards Farm Airport US
3AL6 Town & Country Airpark US
3AL7 Flowers Field US
3AL8 Flint River Ranch Airport US
3AL9 Cullman Regional Medical Center Heliport US
3AR0 Frost Flying Inc Airport US
3AR1 Pine Mountain Heliport US
3AR2 Ridgeway Field US
3AR3 Cypress Creek Airport US
3AR4 Four Mile Creek Ranch Airport US
3AR5 Tripp Strip US
3AR6 Crystal Ridge Airport US
3AR7 Taylor Field US
3AR8 River Acres Airport US
3AR9 Quinn Field US
3AZ0 Flagstaff Medical Center East No. 2 Heliport US
3AZ1 Pixley-Richards Gilbert Heliport US
3AZ2 U of A Maricopa Ag Center Airport US
3AZ3 Emergency Medical Heliport US
3AZ4 John C Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital Heliport US
3AZ5 Hualapai Airport US
3AZ6 Del E Webb Memorial Hospital Heliport US
3AZ7 The Buttes in Tempe Heliport US
3AZ8 High Mesa Airpark US
3AZ9 Ina Road Heliport US
3B3 Sterling Airport US
3B8 Shady Acres Airport US
3C1 Mishawaka Pilots Club Airport US
3C3 Campbell Lake Seaplane Base US
3C5 [Duplicate] Wheeler Airport US
3CA0 Burroughs Heliport US
3CA1 Newport Beach Police Heliport US
3CA2 Jamboree Center Helistop US
3CA3 Dixon Airport US
3CA5 Haws Airport US
3CA6 J.H. Snyder Co. Iii Heliport US
3CA7 Metz Airport US
3CA8 Holy Cross Medical Center Heliport US
3CA9 Clark Ranch Airport US
3CL0 UC Davis Medical Center Tower II Heliport US
3CL1 Metropolitan Water District Heliport US
3CL2 Meadow Airstrip US
3CL3 World Trade Center Heliport US
3CL4 Super Bowl Heliport US
3CL5 Chase Plaza Heliport US
3CL6 Long Point Heliport US
3CL7 Raleigh Enterprises Heliport US
3CL8 Toyota Helistop US
3CL9 Sce Northern Division Heliport US
3CN2 Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Heliport US
3CN4 Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center Heliport US
3CN5 Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept South LA Heliport US
3CO0 Sky Island Ranch Airport US
3CO1 Cridler Field US
3CO2 Mertens Airport US
3CO3 Sterling Regional Medical Center Heliport US
3CO4 Tercio Ranch Airstrip US
3CO5 Texas Creek Heliport US
3CO7 Dietrichs Airport US
3CO8 E.P.M.C. Heliport US
3CO9 D B Smith Memorial Heliport US
3D1 Crivitz Municipal Airport US
3D2 Ephraim-Fish Creek Airport US
3D8 Bordner Airport US
3DA Dalton Airport US
3EV Skylane Airport US
3EX Excelsior Springs Memorial Airport US
3F5 Forest Hill Airport US
3FA2 Fly High Heliport US
3FA3 Southfork Heliport US
3FA4 Gulf Coast Medical Center Heliport US
3FA8 Searey Central SPB US
3FD0 Last Chance Ranch Airport US
3FD1 Tampa Bay Executive Airport US
3FD2 L R M C Emergency Helistop US
3FD3 Holmes Regional Medical Center Heliport US
3FD4 Florida Flying Gators Ultralightport US
3FD5 Arnold Palmer Hospital Heliport US
3FD6 Tradewinds Aerodrome US
3FD7 Indian River Memorial Hospital Heliport US
3FD8 West Boca Medical Center Heliport US
3FD9 Prairie Lake Private Res Sp Mooring Facility US
3FK Franklin Flying Field US
3FL0 Mount Royal Airport US
3FL1 Two J's Flying Ranch Airport US
3FL2 Florida Hospital-Fish Memorial Heliport US
3FL3 Sheriff's Operation Center Heliport US
3FL4 Knobel Heliport US
3FL5 Mills Ranch South Airport US
3FL6 Wink Tv Heliport US
3FL7 Mack Bayor Airheart Heliport US
3FL8 Hart Airport US
3FL9 Sun N Lake Heliport US
3G8 Gen-Airpark US
3G9 Butler Farm Show Airport US
3GA0 Grant Airport US
3GA1 Prattsburg Airport US
3GA2 Tanner Medical Center Heliport US
3GA3 Warren Field US
3GA4 Stonewall Heliport US
3GA5 Diamond R Ranch Airport US
3GA6 Erlen Airport US
3GA7 Rhodes Air Ranch Airport US
3GA8 Cauley's Airstrip US
3GA9 Vintage Field US
3GE1 Okefenokee Heliport US
3GE2 Williams Heliport US
3GE3 Broad River Air Park US
3GE4 Fox Mountain Airport US
3GE5 Rockdale Hospital Heliport US
3GE6 Wellstar Douglas Hospital Heliport US
3GE7 Eden Field US
3GE8 Prater Ranch Airport US
3GE9 Holly Farm Airport US
3H3 Cottonwood Lake Seaplane Base US
3H5 Erie Air Park US
3I1 Elwood Airport US
3IA0 Washington County Hospital Heliport US
3IA1 Whites Airport US
3IA2 Greene County Medical Center Heliport US
3IA3 Des Moines General Hospital Heliport US
3IA4 Robinson Airport US
3IA5 Kerr Airport US
3IA6 Ottumwa Hospital Heliport US
3IA7 Daec Heliport US
3IA8 Kah Heliport US
3IA9 Rake Airport US
3ID2 The Last Resort Airport US
3ID4 Health Center Heliport US
3ID7 Indian Creek Ranch Airport US
3IG3 Terry's Airport US
3II0 Fremont (Murphy) Airport US
3II1 Shenandoah Flying Field US
3II2 Fifer Field US
3II3 Basting Airport US
3II4 Lafayette Home Hospital Heliport US
3II5 Stout Field US
3II6 Hawthorn Mine Heliport US
3II7 Army Aviation Support Facility Heliport US
3II8 Birkey Private Airport US
3II9 Dick's Strip US
3IL0 Patten Industries Heliport US
3IL1 Silver Creek Gliderport US
3IL2 Sweedler Airport US
3IL3 Stillman Fire Heliport US
3IL4 Maaks Heliport US
3IL5 Illinois State Fair Heliport US
3IL6 Pinckneyville Correctional Center Heliport US
3IL7 Home Free Airport US
3IL8 Evanston Hospital-Golf Course Site Heliport US
3IL9 Sugar Creek Farm Airport US
3IN2 Dupouy Airport US
3IN3 Carlson Farm Airport US
3IN4 Johnson Airport US
3IN5 Pippenger Airport US
3IN6 Holloway Field US
3IN7 Chain-O-Lakes Airport US
3IN8 Ddt Field US
3IN9 Thomas Airport US
3IS1 Mc Coy Airport US
3IS2 Earp Airport US
3IS3 Noland RLA Restricted Landing Area US
3IS4 Merkle Airport US
3IS5 Holmes Southeast Airport US
3IS6 Davy Jones /Private/ Airport US
3IS7 Foote Airport US
3IS8 Rinkenberger Restricted Landing Area US
3IS9 Grand Tower Heliport US
3J6 Davis Field US
3JY2 Cherry Hill Heliport US
3K0 Skilak Blm Helistop US
3K4 Hillsboro Municipal Airport US
3K9 Upper Wasilla Lake Seaplane Base US
3KK Kankakee Airport US
3KS0 Stormont-Vail Hospital Heliport US
3KS1 Mesa Verde Airport US
3KS3 Rogers Airport US
3KS4 Eveleigh Farms Airport US
3KS5 High Point Airport US
3KS6 St Mary Hospital Heliport US
3KS7 Berwick Airport US
3KS8 Reed-Wilsonton Airport US
3KY0 Lamar Field US
3KY1 Goode Airpark US
3KY2 Chesnut Knolls Airport US
3KY3 Mason Valley Airport US
3KY4 Craw Daddy Landing Airport US
3KY5 Carroll County Hospital Heliport US
3KY6 Russell Airport US
3KY7 Eagle's Nest Airport US
3KY8 Fidelity Heliport US
3KY9 Miles Field US
3L1 Charlie Hammonds Seaplane Base US
3L7 Flying M Ranch Airport US
3LA0 Harrington Flying Service Airport US
3LA1 Wilder Airport US
3LA2 Southern Natural Gas Co. Seaplane Base US
3LA3 La Coste Construction County Airport US
3LA4 Little Pecan Island Airport US
3LA5 Petroleum Helicopters Heliport US
3LA6 Morgan Crop Service Nr 2 Airport US
3LA7 Variable Bor Ram Heliport US
3LA8 Open A-1 Ranch Airport US
3LA9 Morgan Crop Service Airport US
3LL0 Miller Airport US
3LL1 Herschel Hunter Airport US
3LL2 Hammond-Henry Hospital Heliport US
3LL3 Kibler Airport US
3LL4 Pillow Hill Airport US
3LL5 Richardson Field US
3LL6 Bickel Airport US
3LL7 St Margarets Hospital Heliport US
3LL8 Mc Leansboro Airport US
3LL9 Compton Airport US
3LS7 Bock Farms Airport US
3M0 Gastons Airport US
3M1 Hermitage Lions Heliport US
3M5 Moontown Airport US
3MA0 Compaq Woburn Heliport US
3MA1 Marlborough Hospital Heliport US
3MA2 Baines Airport US
3MA3 Seapuit Heliport US
3MA4 North Chatham Heliport US
3MA5 Westport Airport US
3MA6 Happy Heliport US
3MA7 Gear Plant Heliport US
3MA8 Sadler Hill Heliport US
3MA9 Marston Mills Heliport US
3MD0 Burhans Memorial Airport US
3MD1 Southern Md Hospital Center Heliport US
3MD2 Garrett County Memorial Hospital Heliport US
3MD3 Hoopers Heliport US
3MD4 Fairview Airport US
3MD5 Hidden Hills Airport US
3MD6 West St Mary's Airport US
3MD7 Green Terrace Heliport US
3MD8 Pokety Airport US
3MD9 Chandler Airport US
3ME7 Peru / Destiny Cove SPB US
3ME8 Mast Cove Seaplane Base US
3MI0 Doss Field US
3MI1 Fuller Heliport US
3MI2 South Fox Island Airport US
3MI3 Zayti Field Heliport US
3MI4 Clear Sky Heliport US
3MI5 Innes Acres Airport US
3MI6 Highland Heliport US
3MI7 Willie Run Airport US
3MI8 Bendix Heliport US
3MI9 Ness Landing Seaplane Base US
3MN0 Shadduck Seaplane Base US
3MN1 Stahlberg-Mohr Airport US
3MN2 Mercy Hospital & Healthcare Center Heliport US
3MN3 Honker Flats Airport US
3MN4 Agri Helicopter Inc. Heliport US
3MN5 Little Rock/Rock Port Airport US
3MN6 Immanuel - St Joseph's Hospital Heliport US
3MN7 Blue Sky Airport US
3MN8 Aysta Field US
3MN9 Schumacher Airport US
3MO Osceola Municipal Airport US
3MO1 Police Department Helicopter Maint Facility Heliport US
3MO2 Ultra Flight Airpark US
3MO3 Research Medical Center Heliport US
3MO4 Penman Airport US
3MO5 Nimsick Airport US
3MO6 Kitty Hawk Estates Airport US
3MO7 Fairbanks Airport US
3MO8 Fizzle Ridge Airport US
3MO9 Quad State Helicopter Heliport US
3MS0 Grand Gulf Heliport US
3MS1 Thomas Field US
3MS2 Thunderfoot Ranch Airport US
3MS3 Root Hog Airport US
3MS4 Pascagoula Naval Station Heliport US
3MS5 Mitchell's Airport US
3MS6 E E Lane Airport US
3MS8 Fairview Farms Airport US
3MS9 Union Municipal Airport US
3MT3 Three Cross Ranch Airport US
3MT6 Nistler Airport US
3N5 Newton Airport US
3N8 Mahnomen County Airport US
3N9 Alamo Navajo Airport US
3NA0 Erickson Airport US
3NA2 Lorentzen Airport US
3NA6 Risovi Ranch Strip US
3NA7 J. R. Heliport US
3NC0 Clyde Valley Airport US
3NC1 Welborn Farm Airport US
3NC2 Garner Road Heliport US
3NC3 Tucker Field US
3NC4 Mc Donald Field US
3NC5 Flying Bj Airport US
3NC6 Mc Cachren Field US
3NC7 Maxwell Airport US
3NC8 Chinquapin Heliport US
3NC9 Womble Field US
3ND5 Gage Flying Farmer Airport US
3NE2 Phillips Private Airport US
3NE3 Wells Airport US
3NE6 Burkinshaw Field US
3NE7 Pawlet Ranch Airport US
3NE9 Phelps Airport US
3NH2 Flying Loon Seaplane Base US
3NH9 Longview Heliport US
3NJ0 Hamilton Farm Golf Club Heliport US
3NJ1 Pemberton Airport US
3NJ2 Educational Testing Heliport US
3NJ3 Dow Jones & Co. Inc. Heliport US
3NJ4 Sarnoff Princeton Heliport US
3NJ5 Mock Airport US
3NJ6 Inductotherm Airport US
3NJ7 Pfister Helistop US
3NJ8 Aventis Pharmaceuticals Heliport US
3NJ9 Allen Airstrip US
3NK0 Mc Kinney Airport US
3NK1 Community General Hospital Heliport US
3NK2 Bassett Heliport US
3NK3 Ibm East Fishkill Heliport US
3NK4 Laska Airport US
3NK5 Secret Spot Airport US
3NK6 Tuscarora Plateau Airport US
3NK7 B/G Heliport US
3NK8 B Flat Farm Airport US
3NK9 Arnot Ogden Hospital Heliport US
3NO North Omaha Airport US
3NP Napoleon Airport US
3NR3 Transylvania County Airport US
3NV3 Remlinger Ranch Heliport US
3NY0 The Ranch Airport US
3NY1 Old Orchard Road Heliport US
3NY2 Astoria Heliport US
3NY3 De Ronda Airport US
3NY4 Di Stefano Airpark US
3NY5 Luke Airport US
3NY6 Six Ponds Airport US
3NY7 Hiserts Airpark Inc Airport US
3NY8 Suny Health Science Center Heliport US
3NY9 Hilltop Airport US
3O5 Walters Municipal Airport US
3O8 Harris Ranch Airport US
3OA8 Valley Vista Airport US
3OA9 Memorial Hospital of Union County Heliport US
3OG3 Dillon Field Airport US
3OH0 Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport US
3OH1 Morningstar North Airport US
3OH2 Api Heliport US
3OH3 Pelz Field US
3OH4 Riceland Aerodrome US
3OH5 Stub's Field US
3OH6 Youngpeter Airport US
3OH7 Creager Airport US
3OH8 Gnadenhutten Airport US
3OH9 Merts Field US
3OI4 Valley View Heliport US
3OI5 Welded Heliport US
3OI6 Vogel Airpark US
3OI7 Valley Asphalt Heliport US
3OI8 St Luke's Hospital Heliport US
3OI9 V.J.S. Heliport US
3OK0 Valley Airport US
3OK1 Okarche Airport US
3OK2 Hopcus Farms Airport US
3OK3 Cedar Crest Heliport US
3OK4 St Anthony Heliport US
3OK5 Bearden Private Airport US
3OK6 Mauney Heliport US
3OK7 Double W Airport US
3OK8 Flying G Ranch Airport US
3OK9 Jazz Ranch Airport US
3OL8 Harrison Airport US
3OR0 Pge Service Center Heliport US
3OR1 Cubehole Airport US
3OR2 Maxwell Private Airport US
3OR3 Hessel Tractor Heliport US
3OR4 Babler Bros Inc Heliport US
3OR5 Elkins Heliport US
3OR6 Western Div Service Center Heliport US
3OR7 Trojan Heliport US
3OR8 Cline Falls Air Park US
3OR9 Murphy Ranch Airport US
3PA0 Horst Airport US
3PA1 Navarro Airport US
3PA2 Neeb Airport US
3PA3 Lehman Airport US
3PA4 Giffin Airport US
3PA5 Davis Family Furniture Heliport US
3PA6 Fox Hollow Airport US
3PA7 Nason Medical Center LLC Heliport US
3PA8 Harris Airport US
3PA9 Moyer Airport US
3PN0 Schulteis Airport US
3PN1 Ashlawn Airport US
3PN2 Karlindo Airport US
3PN3 Countryside Airport US
3PN4 Jameson Memorial Hospital Heliport US
3PN5 H.G.F. Heliport US
3PN6 Gravel Run Airport US
3PN7 Stahl's Mountain Airport US
3PN8 Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Heliport US
3PN9 Phil Cain Memorial Field US
3PS0 Chester County Hospital Heliport US
3PS1 Pitcairn Heliport US
3PS2 Chestnut Street Garage Heliport US
3PS3 Richard L Miller Heliport US
3PS4 Mountain Hide-Away Airport US
3PS5 Shamokin Hospital Heliport US
3PS6 Divine Providence Hospital Heliport US
3PS7 Coxton Lake Heliport US
3PS8 Yingst Airport US
3PS9 Risker Field US
3Q0 Mina Airport US
3R8 Scottsburg Airport US
3RU Rust Airstrip US
3S2 Swans Field US
3S5 Schiffer Acres Airport US
3S6 Toketee State Airport US
3S7 Nehalem Bay State Airport US
3SC2 Yahu Field US
3SC3 Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center Heliport US
3SC4 Crooked Fence Farm Airport US
3SC7 Jordan Airport US
3SD3 Brown Field US
3SD4 Chris Hofer Landing Strip US
3SD5 Dilligaf Heliport US
3SD6 Running Colors Airport US
3T0 Cedar Mills Airport US
3T2 Wolfe Air Park US
3T4 Tetlin Airport US
3T6 Clark Airport US
3T7 Middle Bass Island Airport US
3T8 Wildcat Canyon Airport US
3TA Stafford Municipal Airport US
3TA0 Four Square Ranch Airport